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Get a Coffee Shop Business Plan with StartInBusinessGuides

Press Release: April 20, 2010

April 20, 2010 Kent, United Kingdom StartInBusinessGuides UK an online business searching for high quality guides for starting a home business and other different niche businesses, offered entrepreneurs the opportunity to start their own coffee shop business with the StartInBusinessGuides coffee shop business plan for £27. With Don Clarkes How to set up a Coffee Shop eBook, entrepreneurs were provided with a business plan and financial projection spreadsheets that helped them plan for the set up of the coffee shop business.

Containing 138 pages and 8 chapters, the coffee shop business plan eBook provided a step by step guide on how to set up and run a coffee shop. The eBook also provided a step by step guide on how to choose the location for the coffee shop and how to market the business on its opening day.

Aside from how to run and operate the coffee shop business, the business plan eBook also gave the entrepreneur an idea on how much it would cost to open and operate a coffee shop. In order to help entrepreneurs financially prepare for the business, the eBook included a business plan for getting the necessary funds from banks and financial spreadsheets that would help estimate the income and expenses of the business.

With the business plan and coffee shop guide from StartInBusinessGuides, entrepreneurs were able to avoid costly mistakes. With updated information on the costs that real coffee shops made, entrepreneurs were able to estimate the budget for the business. Entrepreneurs were also able to easily manage the coffee shop business with the shortcuts provided in the coffee shop business plan eBook.

By paying for the business plan, the entrepreneur was provided with download instructions on getting a copy of the eBook through email. To get a copy of the eBook, please visit http://www.startinbusinessguides.co.uk/

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StartInBusinessGuides UK is constantly searching for the latest business plan and guides to add to their list of guides. StartInBusinessGuides is also offering the chance to earn a commission with their affiliate scheme that is completely free. Entrepreneurs can also earn for up to 25 to 50% off the sales value with the income sent through checks or bank transfer.

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