Press Release: April 08, 2020

Defentek, Inc Panama City, Panama GEO LOCATION TRACKING & SOCIAL MEDIA ENGINEERING WITH OPEN SOURCE INTELLIGENCE SOLUTIONS TO CONTROL BIO TERRORISM OR BIO SECURITY EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT CRISIS OF COVID-19 (CORONA VIRUS). A national security technology company, providing geo-location tracking solutions and surveillance systems is offering assistance to governments to minimize and control corona virus infected individuals, that have resorted to bio terrorism or in clear violation of bio security actions that are imposed now by many countries globally to minimize this current pandemic. The geo-location solutions allow many countries to manage this global crisis. These are the only solutions that will be able control the unnecessary and further spread of this deadly infectious virus. “The technologies of this type have been in use by many governments worldwide”, says one of the directors of Defentek. These solutions are typically used against terrorists, narcotics traffickers, criminal organizations, extortion and to recover kidnapped individuals since 2010. The use of geo-location by law enforcement is critical to investigations and case, in the use of military it is absolutely mission critical. Defentek technology are a fusion of intelligence solutions and methodologies, that are applied, in order to locate and track targets globally. The systems allow for targeted tracking or mass collections and tracking. It maps out movements and other clustered areas of targets. Not only does the system locate targets but can obtain social media utilized by the target, and with further analysis social media engineering can be conducted to understand other individuals or perhaps accomplishes that may be involved or contaminated. Location is gathered with MSISDN, emails, social media posting, wifi-connections, BTS history, etc. The system allows to retrieve emails that are associated with social media platforms. It gets BTS history movements and can translate CDRs and IPDRs, besides obtaining the emei of the handset. The system also accesses CiD databases and location of IPs. Other features of the system enable to correlate names, usernames, nicknames, passwords, etc. ‘DC’ states: “the fusion of Hammerhead Shark, The Infiltrator, and the Black Shadow enhanced with the Ad-Hoc, additionally with open source intelligence (OSINT) allow an analyst in 15 minutes to have all the pertinent data of a target or infected individual(s)”. Now more than ever these solutions are needed by governments, not only to fight crime and military missions, but also to identify and track this pandemic wave. “Today’s widespread adoption of laptops, smartphones, tablets and other data enabled devices alongside the accessibility of high-speed Internet services changed the way people interact and consume data. More and more people migrate from traditional voice services to advanced data communications and are indeed, rapidly increasing the amount of published information through the internet (e.g. social networks, chat services, blogs, etc.). At the same time, these capabilities also serve terrorists, criminals and other threatening forces who take advantage of the wide array of data applications and social networks to conduct illegal activities and threaten national security, especially infected individuals that may unintentionally infect a country or to knowingly and intentionally infecting a country”. “As a result, the internet holds vast amounts of information on people (digital users), places, behavioral patterns, etc. and has transformed into the most up-to-date source of information. A source that can no longer be neglected by any intelligence organization that seeks for ways to derive information needed for overt immediate action when time is of the essence”. All the data that is obtained is only for lawful use by governments. Many measures have been implemented for security and to verify the legitimacy of the end user. “Other controversial firms sell similar solutions at exorbitant and outrageous pricing. We are providing trials and at a very affordable price to the legitimate end user customer governmental entities. Additionally, many of these firms often sell to oppressive dictatorships their solutions at a premium, with data going ALWAYS going back to their intelligence services”. Although many groups oppose these types of measures as they are anti privacy, despite the facts, what they are not grasping is the severity of this pandemic. What we are in, is in the middle of a war-zone where you cannot see the enemy. We are combating the unknown pandemic enemy of society with technologies and solutions. When Emergency Management of a Crisis or National Security order is enacted, these technologies enable governments to derive to informed decisions but also to act quickly and efficiently to control mass infections. Defentek will implement these solutions on pilots to many governments on a worldwide basis in the near future. The focus area of Defentek is the Americas and as of this going crisis it has extended its solutions globally. We are on standby for any governmental entity that requires our expertise in geo-location solutions and surveillance systems. Contacts: www.DEFENTEK.com defentek@protonmail.com

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