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Gentle Sleep Genie offers Sleep Coaching for Children in England.

Press Release: November 14, 2019

Gentle sleep Genie is one of the prominent child sleep coaching program providers in England. The founder of Gentle Sleep Genie has completed Kim West’s Gentle Sleep Coach program, the most extensive and professional sleep certification program available in the world. Sleep coaching will eliminate all types of sleeping problems for children between 0 months to 6 years of age. The sleep coach loves to give sleep coaching for children and provide a hassle-free sleep for both children and family. They also give you a gradual sleep time for children without implementing the old Cry-out technique.

Gentle Sleep Genie not only provides sleep coaching for children they will also be available for the families throughout the process. Certain sleep coach plans are offered and you can select the plans according to your needs.

Services Offered:

• New-born Sleep Shaping 0-5 months
• Gentle Sleep Packages for 1 Child of 6 months to 6 six years old

New-born Sleep Shaping 0-5 months and sleep training coaches:

Gentle sleep Genie offers this package for the children aged between 0 to 6 months. This package has several tools and techniques which make your child sleep gently. This package will be available from $130. There will be a 90-minute consultation at your home or by Skype and face time. In the consultation, they will provide you basic information about sleep and give you plans to create bedtime and nap time. This package also includes the steps to create a safe sleep environment and safe sleep for children.

Gentle Sleep Packages for 1 Child of 6 months to 6 years old:

Gentle sleep package will be available for children aged between 6 months to 6 years. This service is a combination that satisfies all desired goals of parents as a child’s health and Child’s needs. The sleep coach uses the follow-up coaching method as it is the most successful strategy in the sleep coaching program. They will provide you a step by step process and continuously make adjustments based on the child improvement.

Complete sleep package, Express sleep package, and Basic sleep package are the three different packages offered with different combinations of services. Also, gentle sleep genie gives you several add on plans for your needs, it includes in-home visits, phone support, additional child and email support.

About Gentle Sleep Genie:

Gentle sleep genie provides specialized sleep coaching for children. The founder of Gentle Sleep Genie has the world’s best Kim west’s sleep coach program certification. They guide the families to give a gentle sleep to the child in an effective way. Gentle sleep genie supports families and teaches them how to improvise the sleep time and nap time for children. For more details about sleep coach for children visit https://gentlesleepgenie.com/

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