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Generator Repairs Other Cost-Saving Strategies for Your Business

Press Release: December 07, 2020

Running an engineering business can involve a lot of costs, with overheads for everything from generator repairs for machinery to energy consumption part and parcel of the working landscape 

Today we are focusing on ways you can save costs through a variety of strategiesWe’ve put together a handy list of cost-saving measures that your business can benefit from.  

Investing in technology 

Technology and digitisation can changthe playing field for engineers. Using real-time data on the performance of equipment, engineers can consider improvements that can be achieved in months rather than years – or even decades – through the use of data algorithms. Instead of focusing only on breakthrough technologies and new models, engineers can significantly expand the capabilities of equipment already in service through incremental upgrades in software downloads or the incorporation of new sensors. 

Engineering companies budget heavily for research and development purposes – a big chunk of annual costsImplementing data-driven engineering could save up to 10 per cent in costs, with the savings likely to increase as equipment becomes more autonomous digital and electric. 

Reducing energy consumption 

Whether you’re looking to help the environment, reduce costs – or a mixture of both – limiting your operation’s energy consumption is a goal worth achievingFrom an engineering point of view, pretty much everything you do requires energy.   

Equipment is plugged intelectricity or powered by compressed air, all which costs money and produces emissions. So, cutting back on your energy consumption, you can reduce your energy costs and your environmental footprint at the same time.  

Take conveyor belts as an example. When they’re in perfect alignment and scraped clean at the head pulley, they carry less weight and there's less movement – so less energy is used 

Use an expert for repairs 

If the cost of new machinery, generators or other devices used in your business is beyond your budget, then it’s important to maintain and fix the machinery you currently rely on. At Houghton International, we offer mechanical and electrical generator repairs 

We have a large machine repair shop with up to 40-tonne craneage and can support your business with repair, servicing and rewind of a range of power generation systems. We also offer planned maintenance during shutdowns and 24/7 emergency outage support, with absolute control over quality and lead-times. 

Workers living onsite 

Offering short, medium or even long-term accommodation for workers, including a canteen, toilet facilities and a shower block can give you better control your costs and maximise productivity. Other benefits include being able to centralise your workforce in one place, keep vehicles onsite overnight, reducing travel times and increasing security – which is a big plus for onsite accommodation.  

This also means workers don’t need to worry about commuting, or you as a business, having to pay for hotel accommodation and other expenses, should a project require workers from across the country.  

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