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Gemstone Well Just Launched Three New Varieties of Crystals

Press Release: October 20, 2020

Gemstone Well has just launched three new varieties of crystals in preparation for the upcoming holiday season. They are:
• Blue Apatite and Clear Quartz
• Green Beryl and Clear Quartz
• Hematite and Clear Quartz
The company uses clear quartz in all its recipes as it's the most powerful crystal to amplify the energy and vibrations when used in combination with another crystal. Drinking an elixir mixed with clear quartz is known to connect the physical dimension with your mind, the company added. 
More details about the new varieties of crystals include the following:
MANIFEST - Blue Apatite and Clear Quartz:
It is a stone, also referred to as a self-manifestation stone. According to the company, Apatite is a precious crystal that is multi-talented, assisting us in attuning our inner selves and taking on the healing, communication, balancing, and teaching it has to provide. Gemstone Well says it is commonly used to boost self-performance to achieve goals. An apatite gemstone may provide you with the confidence to attempt contact with other people and provide you with the feeling of security you require to shine at your best. Apatite gemstones, the company, opined are perfect for those with weight issues, for it not solely aid in appetite suppression but also lets you look inside and see the truths inside ourselves.
The healing properties include:
· Enhances creativity and intellect
· Clears confusion
· Draws off negativity
· Increases motivation
SELF BELIEF - Green Beryl and Clear Quartz
For centuries, Green Beryl has been popular because of its unusual green color. It is known to protect and shield against toxins and pollutants. Green Beryl is commonly known to increase the owner's 'love luck' as it activates the heart chakra. Besides, this gemstone can filter out stress and offers encouragement with a calm mind. The company added that the stone is popular with people who feel jaded by love. The stone is often placed under the full moon to recharge its energy.
The healing properties include:
• Enhances encouragement
• Filters out stress
• Calms the mind
COURAGE - Hematite and Clear Quartz
Gemstone Well says hematite can be identified due to its black and smooth surface. It's recognized as a protective gemstone that is grounding while providing courage and vitality. It allows the individual to focus and concentrate due to the stone's qualities to absorb negative energy and transform them into positive vibrations. Hematite merges the mind, body, and spirit to keep the individual at balance, connecting to the root chakra.
The healing properties include:
· Helps feel grounded
· Transmits strength, courage, endurance, and vitality
· Enhances reliability
· Feeling of safety and security
Gemstone Well is an American company. It is one of the American companies that produce crystal elixir water bottles. The product is manufactured in China and assembled in the United States. Except for Gemstone Well, nearly every other crystal elixir bottle currently sold on Amazon is sold by Chinese companies. Many of them are shipped directly from China, making you wait 3-8 weeks before arrival.

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