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Gearmotors – some information on these daily helpers and where they can be found

Press Release: June 26, 2017

What is a gearmotor?

Gearmotors are electrical machines that transform electrical energy into mechanical energy. In the normal operating mode, most electric motors operate through the interaction between the gearmotor’s magnetic field and winding currents to generate enough force to function properly. You can purchase gearmotors in all kinds of different sizes, forms and for different needs. The original small gearmotor has been developed and produced in 1911 by the company Merkle-Korff in the USA. And finds its application in a wide variety of places and in many different day-to-day machines.

Are there different types of gearmotors?

Yes, there are. You can find the following list of gearmotorson the market, depending on the usage you will find that different types will fit your needs:

- Brushless AC
- Brushless DC
- Brushless DC motors
- Electronic commutator
- Permanent magnet
- Interior permanent magnet synchronous motor
- Permanent magnet synchronous motor
- Surface permanent magnet synchronous motor
- Squirrel-cage induction motor
- Switched reluctance motor
- Synchronous reluctance motor
- Variable-frequency drive
- Wound-rotor induction motor
- Wound-rotor synchronous motor

Which companies are specialized in small gearmotors?

There are many companies on the market.
The company which has the longest experience on the market is Merkle-Korff in the USA. As mentioned above they have developed and produced the first small gearmotors in 1911.
Then there is Shayang Yein Taiwan. They are one of the world’s top 3 producers of small gearmotors and also have over 30 years of experience on the international market of small gearmotors.

Another experienced manufacturer of small gearmotors is located in Germany and called PowerTronic Drive Systems GmbH.

In which industries are small gearmotors found?

You can find them in many different industries. Here are some examples which industries use small gearmotors:

- Farming
- Automotive
- Medical and Rehabilitation
- Door Automation
- Renewable Energies
- Commercial Refrigeration
- Commercial Food Equipment
- Business / Equipment Automation
- Pumps / Valves

In which day-to-day appliances can I find small gearmotors

You can find small gearmotors in many different day-to-day appliances as in ATM machines or Ticket vendors. Also the cup throw out in a hot beverage vendor uses a small gearmotor to throw out the ups. The motors of electrical wheelchairs are also small gearmotors.
As you can see almost everything that is mechanically driven uses small gearmotors or DC motors.So the next time you walk through a mechanically opened door you will now know that it is driven by a gearmotor or DC motor.

Find more information relating to Shayang Ye , and merkle-korff here.

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