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GDS Group announces Charles Oakley as the company’s new CEO

Press Release: May 18, 2022

GDS Group, the Bristol-based B2B events, research and technology services company dedicated to helping clients meet the challenges posed by today’s fast-moving, disruptive business environment, has appointed a new Group CEO to lead its next phase of growth.

Started in 1993 by the company’s Founder and Chairman, Spencer Green, GDS Group has grown into a 500+ employee company, with offices in Leeds in the UK, New York and Miami in the US, and Kosovo supporting its global client base of both multinational and start-up IT and Marketing technology companies, from its head office in Bristol, UK.

In March 2020, GDS Group transformed its entire product suite to become fully digital-first, having previously provided both physical and digital events. Within 24 months, the company further evolved to become a multi-channel business partner – delivering three entirely unique digital event platforms for over 2,000 technology solution providers and in excess of 500 senior executives per week. 

In December 2021, GDS Group charted a 98% YoY growth, and had invested significantly and directly into its own future – building a series of seven permanent green-screen studio spaces utilizing leading-edge 3D technology in Unreal Engine in the heart of Bristol, to take full control of its production outputs.

In addition, the company has simultaneously invested in translating its unique and high-production value digital events production experience into a SaaS product, Jugo, which will help support the future of hybrid work by reimagining the virtual experience for better work outputs, via self-serve 3D engagement environments.

On Tuesday 3rd May, GDS Group announced the appointment of Charles Oakley to lead the company into its next phase of growth for GDS Group and its primary product suite.

“GDS have made giant strides in the last turbulent 24 months. We have transformed the most exciting, next generation digital platforms, built studios, grown over 98% and almost 200 staff in two years. We have invested heavily, won awards and set ourselves up for our next period of development,” said Spencer Green, GDS Group’s Founder & Chairman.

“It is timely that after all we have achieved in the past 29 years – and especially after the challenges of the last 24 months – that we continue to move forward.  GDS requires an ever-strengthened Senior Leadership Team, and it is with huge excitement and our pleasure that I can announce Charles Oakley as the new CEO of the GDS Group,” he continued. 

In line with GDS Group’s growth projections, Spencer will be moving into the role of GDS Group’s Chairman; leading strategy, acquisitions, and supporting the company’s 2022 SaaS product launch in Jugo. 

“I’m incredibly honored to be leading GDS Group into the next phase of development and continued growth. For me, the best thing about this business is the people and how we continually challenge ourselves to improve to the better, make our business better and deliver better results for our customers,” announced Charles Oakley, CEO, GDS Group, at the company’s internal welcome.

“Now is the time to take that passion, drive and knowledge to new and existing customer globally, and grow GDS Group’s reputation as the world leading pipeline and digital events platform partner.”  

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