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Gastronomo Announces Launch Of New Product

Press Release: June 20, 2019

Up and coming kitchen appliance company, Gastronomo is pleased to announce the release of their new meat claws. The innovative product features excellent design for better ergonomics, constructed using higher-grade materials for longer-lasting use.

For all the kitchen gadgets and appliances, one could have in their home or the commercial setting, those used for shredding meats have been lacking. Most products on the market are made from sub-par materials that don’t last and aren’t designed for smooth operation. For many who shred meat, they use the old fashioned, less effective fork method to breakdown the meat. This produces a lower quality shred. Doesn’t the meat deserve better? Gastronomo has changed all that with their recently released meat claw product. The meat claw works similarly to bear claws, making it not only less time-consuming to shred any type of meat, but also more fun.

What’s different about Gastronomo’s meat claw is the quality and comfortable grip. The ‘claws’ are crafted from 18/8 stainless steel. This means it can shred virtually any type of meat from tender turkey to slow smoked brisket. Because the meat claws are made from stainless steel, they won’t rust and are extremely easy to clean.

A spokesperson for Gastronomo has said, “We do not deal with plastic, because we believe kitchen utilities should be made of higher grade and pollution-free materials.” on the importance of using the best materials possible for kitchen appliances. The use of plastic around meat is regarded as a no-go. There is zero plastic that comes in contact with the meat being shredded, which offers cleaner eating.

The high-quality construction is seen and felt throughout the meat claw. The handle design is a vast improvement over other meat claws on the market. Made from paint coated wooden handles, the grip is not only manufactured for durability, but it feels comfortable in hand.

Another feature that was considered, when creating the meat claw was ease of cleaning. No one wants to spend an extended cleanup session in the kitchen, and with the meat claw, users get not only the most natural shredding experience ever, clean up is a breeze. Gastronomosuggests that to keep the wooden handle in ‘like new’ condition to wash on the gentle cycle in the dishwasher.

Gastronomo’s Meat Claw is an excellent addition to any home or restaurant that desires a better way to shred meat. Not only is the quality superior to other shredding devices on the market, but it is also affordable.

For more information about Gastronomo visit https://mygastronomo.com/. For questions please contact Michell Gozman at (855) 262-6758 or contact@mygastronomo.com.

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