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Gasonic Instruments expands brand and company offerings under the new name of Gasonic Group Ltd.

Press Release: June 14, 2016

The company takes its message of “Healthier Buildings for a Sustainable Planet to the City of Calgary Mayor’s Environmental Expo June 8 to 9, 2016.

The Executive of Gasonic Instruments Inc., a leading Canadian environmental monitoring and technology company, announces the company will now be known as “Gasonic Group Ltd.” This means the umbrella company will host six business units catering to monitoring, maintenance, and indoor air quality consulting as well as recycling.
The company began as Gasonic Instruments and eventually added Enviro Rentals as a subset of its specialty. The mission has always been to help keep buildings and people healthy and safe. The decision to unify all the extra benefits clients can receive under one roof. Its tagline, “Healthy Buildings on a Sustainable Planet,” is the key message employees take to the street. Kae Shummoogum, P.Eng., CEO and CSO (Chief Sustainability Officer), is excited for the expansion of offerings to clients and the exceptional receptivity in the marketplace.
“We are celebrating 31 years helping people across Western Canada live and work in healthier buildings. The addition of more service sectors under Gasonic Group helps us bring practical applications to a global vision of social and environmental consciousness.”
Business is booming, according to Shummoogum, despite a downturn in the energy economy. He says his team is receiving more requests for innovative testing and monitoring technology, as well as ways to create a lighter footprint in the operation of buildings— from energy efficient gas monitors to lighting.
“We have been respected as specialists in providing monitoring equipment that tests for soil, air, hazardous gases and calibrating for safety,” he stated. “Now our clients are looking to expand their offerings to tenants, students, patients, workers and clients as well as regulatory compliance with respect to quality. In response, we’ve added several more adjuncts to our services such as air quality and energy consulting as well as lightbulb recycling. This gives clients more choices and gives us the chance help protect every breath you take.”
The global movement to creating healthier spaces--where fossil fuels and CFCs, and other elements are eventually replaced with more natural, emission-free alternatives, is inspiring to Shummoogum. He’s planning a display and demonstrations of how a healthy building can improve productivity and morale, while lowering costs and risk. He will also have a working model of a hydrogen vehicle to show the advantages of emission-free vehicles during the City of Calgary Mayor’s Environmental Expo June 8 to 9 at City Hall.
“We are excited to show kids, teachers, project and community leads the advantages of having a healthy building inside and out.”
As society and industry make gradual changes to environmental habits and technology, Shummoogum says all companies under Gasonic Group will strive to educate and inform project managers, developers, first responders, engineers and multi-family boards and organizations of the risk management rewards of accessing the company’s technology and knowledge of credible subject matter experts.

“People are gaining more awareness about environmental hazards—they know about sick buildings and spaces and the immediate dangers and long-term effects. We get calls about equipment training and maintenance, but also education sessions for workers, teams and groups. We do this through ‘lunch and learn’ sessions, case studies and a special presentation we call ‘Let the Canary Sing’.”
The canary has long been utilized as a harbinger of the presence noxious gases, especially in the mining industry. Its iconic role now starts the dialogue in Gasonic’s free presentation to industry leaders, governments, businesses and schools. The one-hour talk covers the incredible technologies available to all of us to improve the air inside our buildings as well as the outdoor environment and invites adults and kids to test the technology and learn of the benefits of cleaner air in which to work, learn, live and play.
Shummoogum is also pleased to see greater investment and focus on environmental responsibility and initiatives in industry as well as government. He supports Premier Notley and Prime Minister Trudeau, and speaks to personally investing millions of dollars in research and development to improve the lives of others in Alberta and Canada.
“For over three decades, we have devoted ourselves to helping companies, employers and staff live and work in truly healthy buildings with low or zero emissions,” he states. “The Gasonic Group will pursue a corporate sustainability agenda by promoting zero emissions mobility through teaching to schools and adult learning through the Electric Vehicle Association of Alberta.”
The Gasonic Group is also a partner in an Alberta-wide energy efficiency project promoting energy efficiency practices in buildings. The company also continues to support the installation of solar lighting to eliminate energy poverty in central and South America in partnership with Dr. David Irvine-Halliday, former Professor of Electrical Engineering at the University of Calgary and Founder of the Light up the World Foundation (www.lutw.org).
Gasonic Backgrounder
Since 1985 Gasonic has been helping keep our indoor air safe and clean. Founder Kae Shummoogum has a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and is a registered Professional Engineer with the Province of Alberta. After working for five years as a gas detection sales engineer, he took it upon himself to search for a solution to a serious problem; when parkade monitoring equipment required servicing or calibrating, the sensor modules had to be sent back to the factory, leaving sites unmonitored for weeks at a time. Shummoogum discovered that on-site calibration was possible, and founded Gasonic Instruments to meet this pressing need. Technology today is very different from that of the 1980s, and throughout the years, Gasonic Group Ltd, continues to be at the forefront of innovation and results.
Today, Gasonic serves over one thousand buildings in Western Canada, monitoring a dozen or more toxic gases in parkades, condominiums, office buildings, warehouses, industrial areas and apartment buildings. Let the Canary Sing presentations are also offered for free across the province for schools, governments, companies and associations. Call 403-276-2201 to book a session, or email [email protected]

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