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GaN Power Devices Market Monitoring Growth Opportunities 2025

Press Release: April 11, 2020

"In this era of ITization and automation, the need of advance consumer electronics is increasing day by day, and so the requirement of highly efficient, light weight and compact size are increasing for many Electronic and electrical devices. This is where GaN materials can fulfil the requirements. Gallium nitride (GaN) is a high electron mobility transistor (HEMT), with a higher critical electric field strength than silicon. It is used in the production of semiconductor power devices, RF components and light emitting diodes (LEDs). GaN can not only be manufactured at a lower cost than silicon, but can conduct electrons more than 1000 times more efficiently than silicon. Moreover, GaN devices are much smaller for the same functional performance.

Global GaN Power Device Market is growing at a CAGR of 40% during the forecast period. GaN transistors are more efficient substitute of silicon-based transistors, due to their ability of fabricating more compact devices for a same resistance value and breakdown voltage as compared to silicon devices. Huge revenue generation from the consumer electronics and automobiles, RF-power electronics, RF power devices used in military, defense, and aerospace industries are the major factors driving the growth of the GaN power device market.

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 The largest market share is held by RF power devices. The need for high power in the very high frequency, ultrahigh frequency, and microwave bands has led to the demand for these devices, which have the capabilities to supply tens to hundreds of watts at RF frequencies up to 10 GHz and beyond. GaN RF power has emerged as the technology of to be used in all radar, satellite, communications, and electronic warfare.

The Asia-Pacific GaN Power Device market is expected to grow the most, due to the presence of many emerging nations, such as China, Japan, Taiwan, the Philippines, and India.  Moreover, Electric vehicle production markets, as well as increasing renewable energy generation are driving the growth of the market in this region. Efficient Power Conversion Corporation (EPC), Fujitsu Limited, GaN Systems, Infineon Technologies AG, On Semiconductors, Panasonic Corporation, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Texas Instruments Inc., Toshiba Corporation, VisIC, STMICROELECTRONICS, Cree Incorporated, Renesas Electronics Corporation and ABB Group.

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The market in this report has been segmented as follows:

By Device Type

• Power

• RF power

By Voltage Range

• <200 Volt

• 200–600 Volt

• >600 Volt

By Application

• Power Drivers

• Supply & Inverter

• Radio Frequency

By Vertical

• Telecommunications

• Industrial

• Automotive

• Renewables

• Consumer and Enterprise

• Military, Defense, and Aerospace

• Medical

 By Geography

• North America

o US

o Canada

o Mexico

• Europe

o Germany

o UK

o France

o Rest of Europe

• Asia Pacific (APAC)

o China

o Japan

o South Korea

o Rest of APAC

• Rest of the World (RoW)

o South America

o Middle East and Africa"

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