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Game Inventor's Trump Era History Cards Preserve the Spectacle for Future Generations

Press Release: March 05, 2021

With the Trump presidency now a thing of the past, the task of preserving it all for future generations now falls on constitutional scholars, historians, documentarians and educators, right? Well, you might want to include game inventors on that list! With attention spans growing ever shorter, physical books becoming extinct, and college not accessible to all, entrepreneur Walt Goodridge asked himself, "What if there was a way to preserve and present Trump history that's researched and accurate, but lighter than a textbook, more engaging than a classroom lecture, available to every household regardless of socio-economic status--one that's fun and familiar that fits inside your pocket or purse?" His answer: Trump History Cards!

The full title, as it appears on the game's website, is "A convenient, pocket-sized, fact-checked, teacher-approved, student-friendly, profanity-free playing card style deck of the idiosyncrasies, infractions, incompetence, insults, idiocy, insanity, ineptitude, injustices, illegality, immorality, indiscretion, iniquity, injuriousness, inaccuracies, intimations, instigations, infamy, inhumanity, incitements and insurrections of the Trump Presidency....Volume One." Each 52-card deck in the four deck series covers a single year in the Trump presidency (2017-2020 plus the insurrection), and captures "the highlights and low bars of the low lifes and high brows of the Trump era!" Each familiar suit covers a different aspect of Trumpism: (diamonds for grift and scams; spades for racism and xenophobia; clubs for "swamp" personnel pardons and praise; and hearts for misogyny, misconduct and myth mongering). 

"Games are great teaching tools," Goodridge explains. "You can use these decks as history flash cards, or as a trivia game. They're also designed to be a regular deck of cards, so you can trick yourself--or others--into learning a few things, while you play Pandemic Poker, Covid Canasta or Self-Isolation Solitaire!" 

The idea came out of a conversation Goodridge had with friend, Joe Hill, two weeks after the Jan 6, 2021 Capitol insurrection. Goodridge, author of over two dozen books, and no stranger to publishing, then designed and created the cards based on government websites and archives, newspapers, video, audio and other sources in the public record. "The hardest part was culling all the drama down to just 52 cards per year," Goodridge quips. 

When asked about the challenges to their widespread use, Goodridge replied, "Of course, they're not for everybody. They're researched, with sources posted on the website. These days, many people favor feelings over facts, so not everyone's going to make this their 'go to' deck of cards in the kitchen drawer. But the last four years showed America and the world just how bad things have become and how much worse it can and will get if we and future generations forget the past. This is just one simple way to keep that awareness of history out in the open in an accessible way." 

Recommended for ages 14 and up, the Trump History Cards Deck 1 (pre-candidate Trump through Dec 2017) is available now for $12.95 (the 4-deck series is available for pre-order) in standard playing card size (poker-size) as well as the "Big Hands" size at www.trumphistorycards.com. Contact the company at mailto:info@trumphistorycards.com or +1 (213) 915-6574

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