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Gain Privacy for Your Deck or Garden with Privacy Screens

Press Release: June 09, 2016

A beautiful deck or garden is a great opportunity to turn into a living area. You might host a party for friends or spend a relaxing day lounging on the deck or enjoy the pleasant weather with your family. An open deck often lacks the privacy you require for such outdoor living, but you can always gain privacy for your deck or garden with privacy screens.

A privacy screen can help block out unsightly views overlooking your garden or prevent prying eyes from the neighbouring high-rises. Most of all, a privacy screen creates a cosy and comfortable space where you can enjoy some quiet and solitude without the intrusions.

Deck privacy screens come in a variety of materials, they have different styles, colours and textures so you could easily find one to suit your needs. Perhaps you might use a portable privacy screen that can be set up as and when required. Or, you might add a permanent aluminium fence with slats as a privacy screen for your deck and garden area, You might want to use the natural tree cover as a privacy screen for your deck so as to add to the beauty of your garden; the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

We give here a few options that you could use to gain some privacy for your deck or garden with privacy screens.

Wood or wicker privacy screens: These can be set up on the deck or attached to the railing. Ivy or other green vines and creepers growing alongside the deck can be woven through to give a lush effect.

Lattice Trellises: Trellises can be made from wood, aluminium or any metal. These make a great privacy screen for your deck. Planting some climbing vines adjacent to lattice trellises make for a beautiful backdrop.

Drapes/curtains using fabric: These can be set up on a framework of aluminium curtain rods around the deck to allow for some privacy. The curtains can be drawn open or closed as and when needed.

Aluminium/Metal Pergolas: Pergolas not only offer shade but also some privacy from the neighbouring high-rises. You might consider using drapes or wooden screens along the sides for more privacy.

Aluminium Fencing and Gates with slats: You can create a “living wall” by utilising the vertical or horizontal slats in the deck railing to weave flowering vines and climbers. Not only does it give the deck a cosy, private feel, it also looks beautiful.

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