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Gaddr fights fake news while helping influencers grow and make money

Press Release: June 08, 2017

Tens of thousands of Millennials, influencers and brands worldwide use Gaddr to get traffic to all their social channels. The platform helps users make money on their influence, breaks filter bubbles, stops fake news and gathers your entire online identity in one place.

Gaddr has made it easy for social influencers to grow online by giving them one username for all channels and profiles. Sharing a unified username to friends and followers has shown to increase click-through rate and traffic across social channels up to 15 times regardless if visitors are Gaddr users or not. Saving a person to your Gaddr contact list means you always get all of their fresh content, no matter what platforms they use, something that creates a more open and inclusive internet.
You can find billions of profiles and endless posts on Gaddr.

With support for over 130+ platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, Twitch, Periscope, the platform’s international popularity has been growing fast. Gaddr has already gained attention in USA, South America and Central Europe across its platforms on gaddr.me, iOS and Android.

“We are moving in the same direction as Google but with focus on social content & social identity. With our open ecosystem we are helping online democracy and will even the playing fields for all media platforms”, says Gaddr Founder & CEO Francisco Andreasson.

The platform also allows you to organise content sources and media posts into lists and collections. This user curation of sources and content adds more transparency to medias and vastly decreases the impact of filter bubbles and fake news.

A new feature that has gained attention from influencer networks, brands, industry experts and NGOs is “Gaddr Clubs”.
By creating a “club” any user, influencer or brand can build a community inside Gaddr. Here they are in control, can make money and post images, blog posts, deals, videos and podcasts together with other Gaddr users.

“By growing your community inside Gaddr you get more traffic, a larger audience and can make money on all content you create. We are personally working with influencers and brands to improve the platform”, adds CEO Francisco Andreasson.

Francisco was born in Latin America’s rural area and has since the age of 10 been involved with programming, design and media. He had his first customers at the age of 13 and dropped out of university to start building Gaddr that has raised investments over $100 000.

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