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G.W. Mullins Shares How He Learned About After Death Communication In His New Book, Messages From The Other Side

Press Release: July 27, 2017

In his effort to help others suffering from grief, author G.W. Mullins conveys convincing evidence of life after death communications. His new book, “Messages From The Other Side Stories of the Dead, Their Communication, and Unfinished Business,” will help others deal with grief and enable then to receive After Death Communication.

This book highlights the author's personal journey in an exploration for knowledge, and his understanding, without question, there is life after death. Mullins, like other people, wants to know what happens after death. Is there something more? Do we go on? In that same line of thought, are our loved ones still with us in one way or another. He believes you have a right to know and it is a healthy thing to question.

G.W. Mullins does not claim to be a psychic like the late Sylvia Browne, James Van Praagh or John Edward. He doesn’t even have a television show like Tyler Henry to give readings to celebrities. He is an author who has seen too many things that are unexplainable. Among them are things that hit so close to home he needed answers just like you.

Mullins invites you to join him on this journey through life and death. Maybe along the way something that he has learned might help you understand something you have seen or experienced. If you take anything away from this book, he’d like you to know you are not alone. There are millions of people that question if we have had a sign and if it was real. Mullins personally has had a visitation dream and it was one of the most moving things he could ever share with you.

This book is an exploration of the unknown. Losing a loved one is never easy. Through this book, the author shows how to notice the events which demonstrate continuing love and messages from deceased loved ones. In this book Mullins shares his personal experience of communication with the spirit of his mother. To accept the information inside this book, you have to have an open mind. You are not asked to take any of this at face value: just read and consider if you believe.

For further information, on his writing visit G.W. Mullins' web site at http://gwmullins.wixsite.com/officialsite/messages.

This book is available worldwide online in hardback, paperback, and eBook formats from most online booksellers including: Amazon.com, Kobo, Google Book Store, Books-A-Million, Barnes and Noble and other retailers worldwide.

G.W. Mullins is a Native American of Cherokee decent. He has been a published author for several years releasing several titles that are based in paranormal novels, and in Native American history and folklore. He recently released the first two books in his From The Dead Of Night Series, the best-selling novels Daniel Is Waiting, and Daniel.

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