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FutureBridge: Carmaker LeaderBoard Unveils Future Winners & Laggards in Electrification

Press Release: June 02, 2020

The LeaderBoard reveals the leading carmakers with a forward-looking strategy, technology competence, and market position.

UTRECHT, The Netherlands - June 2, 2020 - The next decade will see intensifying competition in the electrified vehicle market. Established players fight new entrants for new revenues, pioneering technology, and brand loyalty. Players need a deep understanding of peers’ competencies to ensure investments in the right technology.

FutureBridge today unveiled its “Carmaker Electro-Mobility LeaderBoard 2025” that leverages research analytics in powertrains to provide a forward-looking ranking. BYD, BMW, Ford, Geely, GM, KIA, Nissan, Tesla, Toyota, and VW were assessed across 55 techno-commercial metrics. The LeaderBoard captures winning business models in electric and hybrid cars, as well as successful strategy execution. It also identifies speed bumps, which might cause carmakers to fall behind the competition.     

“We see a shift in the strategy of major German carmakers to fight Tesla’s rising dominance. What’s more, Chinese brands aim to become global leaders in future electrified mobility. COVID-19’s impact is reinforcing the need for optimum capital allocation for carmakers with tight margins. Therefore, players need to closely monitor the technology and strategy of competitors in the value chain. Our LeaderBoard quantifies the outcome of these competing forces while also factoring in the powertrain outlook.

 To excel in FutureBridge’s Leaderboard, companies need to demonstrate a clear vision of their role in future electrified mobility. They must couple this with strong technological prowess across catalysts such as batteries and fast charging. We also factor in their dominance in current and future electrified market,” said Georgios Stathousis, FutureBridge’s Mobility Insider Product Manager.

Today’s Market Leadership does not Guarantee Future Dominance

To accurately capture commercial leadership in electro-mobility, we assess Brand Performance across 14 parameters. These factors include current and future electric car and hybrid sales rankings across critical geographies and the evolution of their global EV market share and electrified-to-total brand sales in 2025.


FutureBridge’s analysis shows that BYD and Tesla take the lead as today’s and tomorrow’s leaders. Even though Nissan and BMW still maintain healthy market shares, they have not capitalized enough on their early start.

A look behind the Hype of Aggressive Electrification Roadmaps

The Strategy & Vision category utilizes 15 different parameters, such as product pipelines, to establish a leadership position. Research and innovation prowess and investment in electrified, multi-modal services form part of the assessment.   

 VW and Ford claim the top spots followed by GM. Their strong electrified pipeline by 2025, active participation in research, and investments in mobility services differentiate them from their peer group. Toyota, GM, and Ford score highly due to their leadership in research, patents, and collaboration.

Sustainable Innovation & Technology Parameters

Innovation & Technology holds one-third of the total weight in the LeaderBoard, highlighting the importance of the 26 parameters examined. In the Battery & Fuel cell sub-category, VW, Ford, and Geely stand out, whereas KIA trails. BMW, VW, and Toyota are also active in battery development and procurement. Ford dominates the Charging Infrastructure sub-category while Tesla Model 3 tops the Electric Performance of Current Most-Sold Electric Model.

The next update of the LeaderBoard due in September 2020 will expand to cover the world’s 20 biggest carmakers in alternative powertrains.


An on-demand webinar on Carmaker Electro-Mobility LeaderBoard which dives into the principal conclusions, detailing the parameters and sharing the rankings, is now available here.

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