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Furkan Aibani, a social media influencer who makes people laugh with his news

Press Release: March 27, 2020

Like many behind the scenes professionals in the entertainment industry, influencers know their job, and they don't care whether they get paid for their work or not. Influncers and all social media stars are heroes of Entertainment Business who make our life happy and entertained in real life.

To make a name as an influencer takes years of practice and work, then you get noticed for your work, and If you are dedicated and work consistently, then success is guaranteed in this field.

Furkan Aibani is a renowned influencer of Snapchat & Instagram. He has given his work for many top entertainment channels in recent times, and his savage news is most appreciated by everyone.

Furkan Aibani is a 23 years old multi-talent; he is living his dream and also handling his responsibilities amazingly. Furkan is a owner of cafe mm kanafeh; he handles the cafe perfectly; and does freelancing in social media too. His family has always supported Furkan in whatever he does.

There was a time when he felt it would be not possible for him to continue his dreams, but he is mentally very strong. He has crossed every hurdle beautifully which was coming in his way and started his Savage news as an influencer.

As he knows the importance of technology in our time, he started to post his Savage news on social media accounts like Instagram and Snapchat. Each day was a dream come true for him as he was growing amazingly, and his popularity was also increasing day by day with his funny news videos.

Furkan Aibani iis not a small name in Social media now, he is a famous name in a renowned group of people in India which comes from various entertainment fields. All his followers are mostly A group of people from Mumbai and other metro cities.

He is a featured influencer, and also Mumbai’s leading featured artist who is mastered in social media, featured events, funny news, and he also offers special shoutouts. He is also mentoring many of his friends under him; he teaches how to grow in this field with the right work.

You can visit his Insta, Snapchat, TikTok and BYTE profile, where he is pretty active there, and he regularly posts his videos of the work he does. You will also find many celebrities like Adam Saleh who was with him in his vlog.

Here's wishing Furkan Aibani a young enthusiastic and skilful Entrepreneur, all the best for future, we hope he sets an example for many others who want to be influencers out there, YOLO, so explore yourself and do what you want in your life.

Instagram, Snapchat & Byte username - @furkanaibani

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