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Funky Pigeon personalised birthday cards are environmentally friendly

Press Release: February 12, 2010

It is widely agreed that using recycled paper and card is good for the environment, from newspapers and packaging materials, to notepaper and envelopes.

Many greetings cards are produced using partially recycled materials, however, during this process many chemicals are used to bleach the card to a commercially attractive white, and also then theres the journey this recycled card makes around the globe before ending up on the shelf of a high street store.

Billions of tonnes of recycled card is produced in Eastern countries, and is shipped in containers across the seas to the UK, belching out C02 into the atmosphere as the boats that are used burn fossil fuel. The majority of these vessels are decades old, and were not built in a time of environmental conscience, they are not efficient and run on the planets precious fossil fuels, which are dwindling at an alarming rate.

When the containers arrive in the UK, they are offloaded onto diesel lorries, so the recycled card, paper and paper mush is then used in the manufacturing process to make greetings cards. These cards, in turn, are driven the length and the breadth of the country, to distribution depots, which then unpack, and reload onto vans and lorries to distribute to high street shops and supermarkets.

In the UK we send on average 55 years per person per year. Thats a lot of card.

The most popular annual occasions being Christmas, Valentines Day, Mothers Day and Fathers Day, when these dates pass, the cards are taken off the shelves. Many stores are on a sale or return agreement, so back to Asia they go, packed back into containers, and returned to the recycling plant, and the cycle starts all over again.

Consider the benefits of buying virgin card, from sustainable sources, where trees are planted and replaced as the felling takes place. This bright white card arrives in the UK in huge sheets on pallets and is stored when it arrives at a greetings card printing company. There is no need for further distribution by road and rail.

Orders are taken online, and as websites and technology continually improve, customers may now take advantage of software that enables buyers to personalise a card, as opposed to a mass-produced card on a rack in a store. Personalisation has reached new levels, with photo upload, and image manipulation allowing any text to appear in thousands of designs on file. In this way the consumer has the freedom to create a keepsake card, which is unique to them.

The order is placed, and the design is sent to the printers in the factory that print to order. Sheets are printed, cut and folded, and best of all, no waste is produced. The cards are then sent direct to the recipients, using the UKs most efficient postal service, the Royal Mail.

So, the next time you are browsing a greetings card in a high street shop, take a moment to consider whether you would benefit from using an online personalised greetings card company like www.funkypigeon.com. This website has a print on demand ordering system producing personalised cards, posters and calendars which are environmentally friendly and also offer the consumer total control when designing a card online.

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