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Fulfil Your Clock Card Requirements with Northampton Time Recorders

Press Release: June 16, 2017

Northampton, England
Northampton Time Recorders offers clocking in system to businesses in order to streamline time management of the employees in a better manner.
Clocking in machines will assist a business in managing payroll and staff while also keeping a tight track on the working hours of the employees – their coming in and going out times, whether their working hours are complete or not and much more.
The clocking in machines provided by Northampton Time Recorders not only keep tabs on the arrival and leaving time of the employees, but also reflect whether employees have come in late or early, the exact times of clock in and clock out, and the duration of their break time, the holidays, offs and sick leaves and also if they have worked overtime.
Clear time records helps in managing the functioning of the entire organisation, thus simplify the process for payroll. Without clocking in machines most organisations would be unable to cope with remembering the hours and holidays of their employees, not to mention the different shifts and overtime included in the picture.
Northampton Time Recorders provides clock cards that are ideal for all types of businesses. They specialise in a wide range of basic and advanced time recording systems, time recorders, clock cards, time attendance systems, clocking machines, and biometric clocking systems.
According to the CEO of Northampton Time Recorders, “As a long established time and attendance and clock card provider, we ensure that all our customers are satisfied with the quality of their time recording systems. Whether you’re shopping for simple time or clock cards or an advanced clocking system, we offer a professional, prompt and reliable service.”
Northampton Time Recorders Limited (NTR) is an independent, family run company who has been successfully trading for over 30 years in time clocks. The business mainly revolves around maintenance and support of all clocking systems and associated products. They stock everything from basic clock cards, to clocking machines and the more advanced electronic clock machines and biometric time clock recorder.
To find out more about the clocking in systems, visit http://www.clock-cards.co.uk/
Northampton Time Recorders Limited
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email: info@clock-cards.co.uk

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