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Frogotter Box Released to Help Educate Children At Home

Press Release: October 20, 2020

As more and more pupils across the country are forced into isolation by the Coronavirus Pandemic, Morgan Electronics are proud to release the Frogotter Box for Primary Education.


Many parents were left dissatisfied and deeply concerned for their children’s learning during the lockdown in March. With parents in low-income areas particularly badly served, according to the IFS. The Frogotter Box is easy to use by any adult with no preparation at all. Everything is in the box, ready to go. So, parents can use all the time they have available to engage with their children, not grapple with collecting equipment.


The Frogotter Box takes a hands-on approach to education, providing a variety of carefully chosen manipulatives to engage children and provide a much-needed accessory to the online learning offered to distant learners by many primary schools.

‘Fully online programs widen achievement gaps’ according to Spiros Protopsaltis, an associate professor and director of the Center for Education Policy and Evaluation at George Mason University.


The Frogotter Box is built on the plan of ‘Relax, Relate, Repeat’, encouraging adults to create a calm environment, engage with the material alongside their child, and to return to the activities time after time to increase confidence and consolidate skills.


Children learn best in relation to trusted adults. The National Curriculum repeatedly emphasises the importance of communicating and discussing ideas in all subject areas. The Activity Book included in the Frogotter Box draws heavily on a Socratic style of education, encouraging questioning to draw out children’s ideas and build their reasoning and communication skills.


The repetition of activities and practise of skills is based on the principle of spiral learning. As children return to ideas and games over and over, they are able to grasp more nuance and greater detail each time. Thus the Frogotter Box supports learning with a broad and solid foundation.


Rosemary and Kurt Morgan are a husband and wife team who have home educated their children for seven years now, and run courses for other home educated children, alongside running their engineering consultancy company. They love resources that are quick to prepare and easy to use, so that time with the children can be devoted to education, not administration. 

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