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Press Release: February 17, 2010

Nearly 50% of these are the Scout variant and the rest are repair, recovery and protected mobility variants.

All will have identical chassis's, referred to as a "common base platform." A scout vehicle needs very high protection levels on the modern battlefield. BAE Systems' combat-proven CV90 has implemented improvements in this area with each of its six customers. They have fully met, and for certain threats, exceeded the MoDs extremely challenging survivability requirements in mine blast trials. Trials commenced in 2004, building up to a qualification test in 2008. Representative tests in 2009 have been successful against the FRES defined threats.

Furthermore, our FRES SV Scout chassis has been modified from the base vehicle, decreasing its physical size and therefore weight to optimise it for the armys reconnaissance role. This has further increased the weight growth margins existing for CV90 while maintaining total system size and weight, in line with the FRES reconnaissance requirement.

This evolutionary approach to meet changing threats means it is now the best-protected vehicle in its class, including mine protection comparable with a main battle tank - and yet it can be carried by an A400M.

The FRES Scout variant builds on this pedigree and features a shorter and lower profile chassis plus an electronic architecture, or operating system, specifically developed to meet the requirements of the British Army. CV90's unusually low thermal and noise signatures and ability to demonstrate long periods of silent watch suit it well for the Scout role.

A demonstrator vehicle began mobility and firing trials in September 2009.

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