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Freezevacx Introduces Vaccine Freezers for Aircrafts; Online Product Reviewer Calls It Creative and Innovative.

Press Release: November 23, 2020

One of the industries that have suffered immense setbacks to the tune of the negative effects of Covid-19 pandemic in the globe is the logistics industry. Apart from the lockdown and the suspension of air travel imposed on airlines by almost every countries of the world, major transportation companies and agencies are being under huge scrutiny to ensure that the right steps are taken towards halting the spread and cross contamination of this virus even after the coronavirus virus lockdown and ban on air travels was lifted.

One of the most virally suggested prevention method since this time is disinfection. To this end, companies like VirusGuard has researched and manufactured high performing and real-time disinfection products, which do not only clean contactable surfaces of transport vehicles and airplane interiors, but are also useful to ensure high quality hygiene against all sort of bacteria, virus and fungal infections in homes, schools and industries. These products are simply made in several production categories to ensure efficiency based on the scope and place of use. More than disinfectants, vaccines have been developed as health aids and preventions against coronavirus and other possible infections. However, some of these products have short lifespan while others wouldn’t retain their efficiency under certain conditions of use and transportation.

Since both concerned government agencies and private investment holders in the world have been trying to help aviation get back to its healthy state, lots of steps are being taken to ensure that air travel gets back to its safe and secured state. Accepting that Covid-19 is here and learning to live with it without the fear of being infected is one of the strategies in place, maybe the easiest one as of now. That said, Freezevacx has developed vaccine freezers to store and transport temperature sensitive vaccines and health aids by aircrafts during air travel.

Freezevacx as the brand name implies objectify a device that helps with the storage and transportation of temperature sensitive vaccines in airplanes at ultra-low temperature of between -40ºC and -78,5°C.

While discussing the build, use and specification of the newly invented airplane vaccine freezer, Alex Sahni, the founder of Freezevacx and Virus Guard; a company that has been busy with research and development of the Freezevacx freezer, stress that “the vaccine storage was designed for Airbus and Boeing. In his word, Freezevacx has made history by designing the world’s first ultra-low freezer for airport transportation. The three dimensional thermal insulation device will ensure fast and stable freezer, easy mobility, absolute reliability, user friendliness and flexible sample storage”. The freezer is in fact engineered for cold chain logistics for the transport of vaccines and pharmaceuticals. It works with a compressor freezing system by a rechargeable batterie. This means that the freezer will not be needing external power source nor support to work in aircrafts. The icing on the cake here is that the freezer has around 12 hours power back up, to maintain stable temperature during transportation. This helps it to keep temperature stable in the case of power failure.

From close observation, the freezer is not anything short of user friendly as it represents quality ergonomics. It is manufactured with CFRT, which is well known for its extraordinary characteristics. Its strength, high stiffness and high toughness is widely used in automotive, aerospace and military industries. CFRT is environment friendly and light weight, what makes the freezer easy to load.

Alex Sahni further described the aircraft freezer as an invention that combines health security with inflight convenience. The product has attracted a lot of praises and acceptance since it was first introduced. In fact, the founder is in talks with major airlines for adoption and use. Reacting to the product, an online product reviewer has said that it is both creative and innovative, and has shown the extents to which human can go to create solutions to a threatening situation.  It also demonstrate the willingness of the inventor to create safety against biological threats as coronavirus and create a personally extended win for humanity against similar infections while aboard. More information about Freezevacx can be sourced at https://www.freezevacx.com/


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