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Freedom to Watch Movies is what Movies Planet is all about

Press Release: January 26, 2010

Movies Planet is a social network for movie lovers that allow them to watch movies, download free movies, and watch movies online while catching up with the latest on their celebrities bios, latest TV show episodes while engaging in an interactive manner with different movies and videos. Movies planet offers guests and members the chance to browse on full movie pages while reading movie news. With movies, there is a discovery of everything new every time one finds a classic or a new movie duly released, and when the feeling and experience is timeless and appreciated, there is an enchanting feeling when you find so many movies in one place.

Free movies are not easy to come about, but Movies Planet has been able to make sure it is possible to access them. Online movies offer one the chance to watch movies at an opportune time when the time, wish and craving are there. Movies planet has a database of inexhaustible movie collections that that anyone can watch from wherever they might be. It is a passage to classics, drama, westerns, action to animated movies, whether you missed them at the theaters or they were made when you were yet to mature. For the crazy Movie lovers, to watch movies at Movies Planet is dream come true, to have all types of movies in their vastness within ones reach.

22 January 2010-Movies Planet is a haven to watch movies for many people who cannot stay away from great movies experience. It does not matter whether the movie was released in modern time or a decade ago; you will find it at Movies Planet. As you watch the movies, in a way you are sharing the online movies with friends and other movie lovers, from a movie portal that was created with an accumulated common desire to share the joy of movies with everybody across the world. It speaks of a natural effort at letting people wield the power to choose what they want to watch, while offering them what is essentially what everybody is not only watching internationally but on the big screen.

Movies Planet has many watch movies delights to check out, but is also more than just movies online. You can watch movies online and sample through the genre of what you might be looking forward to while having all the things you have always wanted in your movie watching experience. The site offers you the chance to know the Bio status of not only your favorite actor but also virtually every actor you are interested in its database. In addition, if you have been missing on a TV show, Movies Planet offers you a chance to make sure the deficit is cleared, while making sure that you are not missing on any. Perhaps a great strength with Movies Planet is the ability to download the kind of videos you might be interested in.

At Movies Planet we balance the art of watching, networking and the freedom to download free movie and video stuff!

For free to watch movies, downloads and movie news, visit http://www.moviesplanet.com

ABOUT- Movies Planet allows you to watch movies online, download the videos you want as you network and access the best of TV shows, as you would like them.

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