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Free webinar on dynamic actuators April 12. Sign up now!

Press Release: April 08, 2016

How to work with dynamics in the design process

Dynamics play an important role in many applications. To be able to analyze and design your own dynamic application using piezoelectric actuators, you need to have a basic understanding of dynamic behaviour, and how to model, analyze and estimate the behaviour of the dynamic system. The webinar Dynamic actuators will prepare the participants for this work. The webinar also introduces the important aspects of heat dissipation or self-heating of the piezo actuator, which is a major concern for high frequency applications.

1.5 hours free piezo webinar

Noliac’s webinars are held by two experienced engineers from Noliac giving you a thorough knowledge of the basics of piezo actuators. The webinar is live, and with a chat function, you can pose questions to the presenters along the way.

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The webinar takes place on April 12 at 3 pm Copenhagen time. You will receive a link approximately 1 week before the webinar takes place with all the practical information.

Sign up at http://www.noliac.com/tutorials/courses-and-webinars/calendar-and-sign-up/!

Webinars and tutorials about piezo technology

The purpose of our piezo webinars and tutorials is to get you closer to the world of piezo. We provide insight ranging from the basics of piezoelectricity and different types of piezo actuators to complex piezo motors.

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