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Free Video Interviewing Software Platform for Recruiters

Press Release: December 09, 2020

Video interview software connects you with the global talent pool, makes your interview automated and much more structured and allows you to record the unlimited interview to compare and select a best-fit candidate from the rest. Jobma video interviewing tool offers free demo to its potential clients and provide great services at an affordable cost of just $1 per interview. All you have to do is visit the official website of Jobma and request a free demo by providing your contact details. Our technical support team will approach you at your chosen date and time slot.

Whether you are running a start-up or large business, the Jobma video interview platform will help you make your hiring automated, much more effective, and tech-savvy, which helps you reduce your per hire cost and makes hiring convenient than ever before. Due to its ability to connect you with worldwide talent, let you interact with them and select the best-fit among them, Jobma video recruiting tool is gaining popularity among businesses over the years.

If you also want to make your hiring effective, visit the official website of Jobma to check the software's compatibility with your HR team. Our technical support team will approach you at the earliest possible time.

The Live and One-way video interview features of Jobma enable you to connect with a lot of candidates from afar and make the interview automated and cost-effective. A video screening software like Jobma helps you to maintain your hiring continuity and select the star talent for the position without any need for in-person interviews. With Jobma, you can schedule your hiring fast, post Jobs on the online portal, send auto-reminder to the candidate and review and score the candidates in a highly cost-effective way compared to the traditional interviewing process.

How can you request a free demo of the Jobma video interview platform?

We at Jobma give the highest priority to customer satisfaction and provide great services such as free demo to its potential clients and cost-effective interviewing at just $1 per interview to its clients. Here, let's see how you can request a free demo of Jobma: 

Explore Free Demo: Jobma video interview platform offers you a free demo for its potential clients looking for an effective video interview tool to boost their HR team interviewing feature. Jobma allows you to check the software's compatibility with your talent acquisition department before incorporating it into your hiring tool.

Easy to Use: Jobma offers you a user-friendly dashboard, which makes it an easy video interview platform for both the applicants and recruiters as they can participate in the interview process from afar and save their time and investment in the hiring logistics. You can customize your interview functionalities based on your needs and make your hiring much more convenient than ever before.  

Automates your Recruitment Process: Jobma offers you facilities of pre-recorded and live video interviewing, an online portal to post your jobs on a virtual platform, and lets you customize your interviews based on your needs, which make your hiring advance and automated than ever before.

Promote Your Businesses Branding: With Jobma, you can increase your outreach to the candidates, promote your company name, logo, color theme among worldwide candidates, and transform your businesses into a brand. 

Hence, for an affordable yet effective video interviewing software, you can opt for Jobma. It is a budget-friendly and effective hiring solution, which can make your HR team tech-savvy and smarter. 



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