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“Free Resume Review” Service at ResumeProfs Pours in 1000s of Resumes Daily, Statistics Reveal

Press Release: July 17, 2020

17th July 2020, Chicago – Resume Profs, a renowned resume writing agency, recently revealed the interim report of the company showcasing the number of resumes the company is receiving in response to the “Free Resume Review” service inaugurated in the previous quarter.

Since the inception of their “Free Resume Review” program, the company started receiving over a thousand resumes per day for review, as per the interim report.

Anna Carr, the Marketing Manager of Resume Profs, stated, “Whether an individual is a fresh graduate, a mid-career professional or someone with 20 years of experience, interested in switching his/her field, our free-of-cost service is enabling individuals across all industries to get their resumes evaluated and, as a result, gain a competitive edge to land their dream jobs.”

She further added, “To get a good job, the most important asset that you have in your resume. But it is also a fact that the recruiters will not select all resumes. Most end up in the bin. To assist individuals across the market gain a competitive edge, we launched our free consultation services, and since then, thousands of resumes have been pouring in daily. Our consultation team surely have their hands full. After a proper assessment, we are able to identify the lackings and inefficiencies in the resumes, which are then, if our clients desire, catered to by our resume writing professionals.”

“The resumes are ATS approved and guarantee interview calls. Most clients want their resumes revamped and made better,” stated Regina Phalange, Content Head at ResumeProfs. “We knew that our free consultation would help clients, but we had no idea that professionals from all industries, with varying experiences, will be interested in getting their resumes revamped.” She further added.

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Resume Profs is amongst the USA’s leading resume writing companies. Through their innovative and custom resume writing solutions, they assist their clientele in bypassing the application tracking system and securing jobs. Some of their famous services include resume writing services, cover letter writing, LinkedIn profile writing, career switch resume, and student resume writing.

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