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Free Project Consultation Service Launched at Brandezk Shows Positive Outcomes, Executives Claim.

Press Release: July 17, 2020

New York, USA, 17th July 2020 - Brandezk, a renowned digital design agency, in line with its marketing consultation services, recently announced its free project consultation service to give the clientele an idea about how the company will handle the upcoming project, and what benefits the customers will be getting by opting Brandezk.

The marketing director at the company stated, "Consultation can give a valuable perspective to a brand, for its overall strategy and often helps in streamlining the entire process. With so many brands in dire need of a consultation, many digital agencies don't offer the consultation for free as it demands considerable time and effort. We decided to provide potential clients free consultation services not to earn a competitive edge over competitors but to help small businesses, startups, and enterprises who want to stand apart in the market but cannot do so because they have no professional advice."

Citing the recent upheaval in the digital marketing industry, he further added, "The recent bloom of hundreds of digital agencies is also one of the reasons. Not because they give us a tough time, but because they disrupt the market forces and offer dubious solutions to clients. To tackle this phenomenon head-on, we've come up with the free project consultation service, as it not only allows us to get a better view as to what the client is expecting from us but also gives the client the perspective as to how successful our company will be in completing their stipulated objective."

Another representative of the company reiterated the same, and stated, "Discussing projects beforehand makes it convenient to understand the project better. It also generates an unequaled opportunity to interact and impress prospects on a personal level. It enables prospective clients to understand what the market demands are and how they can possibly increase their business ROI by attracting the right clients."

The free of cost consultation service can be availed at the company's website by filling up a form and adding the details regarding the project to be undertaken.

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Brandezk is a marketing and web design agency in the United States. Home to the industry's top vetted front-end developers and digital marketing experts, the agency has served several different brands since its inception. From the creation of mobile applications to videos, website designing to branding, search engine optimized content to complete digital marketing – Brandezk guarantees result-driven solutions to its customers.

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