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Free Online Summit: How to Thrive With Chronic Illness and Limited Energy

Press Release: May 27, 2020

A Free 14-day Online Summit Featuring 60 speakers, Videos, Live Speaker Panels. Launches July 10th, Chronic Disease Awareness Day, through Jul 24th, 2020.

San Francisco, California – For Immediate Release - ”Keep Shining: How to Thrive with Chronic Illness and Limited Energy,” a free 14-day online summit featuring 60 speakers, conversational videos and live workshop and speaker panels, launches July 10th, 2020, Chronic Disease Awareness Day. Across the United States, seven of every 10 people live with a chronic disease. As we face a global pandemic, now more than ever, we all need inspiration, hope, and new ways to keep shining and Thrive. To get free tickets and for more details, go to: https://how-to-thrive-with-chronic-illness.heysummit.com/

Featuring 60 speakers, including Doctors Sarah Ballantyne, Joel Fuhrman, and Liz Lipski
60 experts, including medical/mental health professionals, alternative practitioners, spiritual teachers and healers, thought leaders, thriving artists who battle illness, online support networks and creative therapists, will provide the latest research and share personal stories, strategies, tools, resources, practices, tips and guidance on topics such as nutrition, spirituality, functional medicine, mental health, creative therapies, holistic and alternative medicine, and sexual health, through conversational videos. In addition to pre-recorded talks, the 14-day event will include a live workshop and Q&A style interactive speaker panels so attendees can connect with the speakers and each other.

About Summit Facilitator Lisa Sniderman
The summit is organized and facilitated by Lisa Sniderman, a multi-award-winning published author, musician, filmmaker and artist (aka Aoede), who transformed her relationship with her 12-year chronic illness, a progressive muscle weakness disease, dermatomyositis, through creative engagement and community support. Sniderman was driven to provide a breadth and depth of resources for those who also struggle with chronic illness, disability, and limited energy, as well as for caretakers and loved ones.

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