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Free, GP-endorsed Menopause Symptom Tracker helps women track and monitor their symptoms

Press Release: December 01, 2017

BeingEve introduces a free Menopause Symptoms Tracker to help women identify and monitor menopause symptoms over time. The symptoms tracker is available on beingeve.net and allows women to identify symptoms, their severity and frequency; monitor their progression over a 90-day period and pinpoint those symptoms that might require special attention.

After a thorough review, Dr Steven Edmunds, MB BS BSc DRCOG FRCGP at Pontesbury Medical Practice, in Shropshire, UK, endorses the Symptoms Tracker, ‘The Menopause Symptoms Tracker is a useful free tool that can help women understand what symptoms are attributed to the menopause and then seek the right options to help alleviate their symptoms.’ ‘I would recommend that menopausal women take advantage of this broad-based support,’ concludes Dr Edmunds. Although the severity of symptoms vary from woman to woman, according to the NHS, most women will experience some symptoms around menopause. ‘Often, women relate their menopause symptoms with PMS or PMT (Pre-menstrual Syndrome/Tension) and don’t know they have started their peri-menopause,’ explains Isabel Wood, co-founder of BeingEve. ‘By understanding what is happening to their bodies, women are better equipped to find the right solutions to help manage and alleviate their symptoms,’ adds Wood.

The Symptoms Tracker also includes a Daily Journal to record any thoughts, feelings and overall progress. Women can access the Symptoms Tracker by simply going to BeingEve.net and registering with their email address. This tracker can also be beneficial to GPs and pharmacies. In a world where GPs struggle for time and pharmacies are becoming first call of care for many patients, the Symptoms Tracker enables better informed patients, facilitates easy data sharing (via a print option) and makes for a more meaningful and efficient conversation between medical professionals and patients.

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BeingEve.net is an independent health and well being website bringing women the latest expert advice, tools and solutions to live a healthier and happier menopause. BeingEve is owned by Lifestyle51 Media Ltd and was founded by Isabel Campos Wood and Nieves Navarro in April 2017. They are based in Weybridge, Surrey, UK. For more information, visit www.beingeve.net or email ‘info@beingeve.net.’

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