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Free CV Builder Tool In the European Union

Press Release: May 13, 2016

We are delighted to announce every student and jobseeker in the European Union will have FREE life-time access to a revolutionary CV Builder tool, which has cost over £1.2 million and 5 years to research, develop and pilot globally.

40 million students & jobseekers in the European Union can create a professional quality customised CV, have it automatically checked for errors, valued & job matched to over 1 million jobs in the UK, within 1 hour.

14 million jobseekers from the EU are projected to apply for jobs in the UK this year, using our free Tool.

The Revolutionary CV Builder Tool:
11 HR managers have created the only Tool in the world:
• Populated with over 1,500 fully customisable job profiles
• Populated with over 300 fully customisable key skills and attributes
• Ensuring students & jobseekers always create the right CV as they progress in their education & career e.g. Student, Graduate, General (blue/white collar), Management/Professional, IT / Tech etc.
• With smart tools ensuring the CV is easily customised for every employment application

Within our Tool, jobseekers will have access to another innovative free Tool, automatically:
• Checking CV’s for any major errors and score jobseekers CV
• Value their CV (based on jobseekers experience, therefore jobseekers can understand what their experience is worth in the UK)
• Job Matched to over 1 million jobs in the UK & provided with alternative career options

A 5 minute video demonstrating the unique features and smart technology, along with examples of the different types of professional quality CVs created by our Tool can be accessed https://epcotcs.com/

Please see link for a case study, where we placed 98% of employees made redundant into employment, during the last recession https://epcotcs.com/case-study.html).

In 2015, over 9,000 jobseekers from Poland have been placed into employment in the UK, using our Tool (92% success rate).

Our Tool will be localised to over 20 languages/regions. Jobseekers can also have access to 12 professional interview and career development videos.

We will save governments in the EU over €½ billion (Euros) a year, as now, every advisor helping students & jobseekers into employment will be able to create a professional quality, customised CV for jobseekers in less time than it takes them to provide ineffective CV advice.

Our Tool will help combat the UK skills shortage, saving the NHS, Construction and IT sectors etc over £600 million (Sterling) per year, through effective use of skilled European workers.

To access the free Tool, visit our website https://epcotcs.com/ and click on ‘create account’ within the CV Builder Login panel (Tool does not currently work on Safari (Apple) & Firefox).

Notes to editors

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