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FREE 0844 numbers to all businesses in the UK

Press Release: December 09, 2009

Why use 0844 numbers?
Here are the top 10 reasons to use an 0844 number

1.0844 numbers offer the owner a non-geographical number with a good reputation.
2.0844 numbers are popular due to the fact they are not premium rate and have no affiliated bad press.
3.0844 numbers still generate a small revenue that allows service providers to issue and support 0844 number issuing for free.
4.0844 numbers are only 5p per minute for the caller. This information is also commonly known by the public.
5.0844 numbers can be redirected to an overseas numbers allowing you to give out a local rate contact number when abroad.
6.0844 numbers can be redirected to any number at any time giving you flexibility to keep the same number on all your marketing material even if your office number changes.
7.0844 numbers and most other virtual office services are great for disaster recovery. If you are moving offices or have to resort your business to a mobile number during financial hardship your advertising will remain effective.
8.0844 numbers can be set up immediately on application.
9.0844 numbers can generally be managed in full by you, the user through a web page giving you ease of access wherever you are in the world 24/7.
10.0844 numbers are memorable and assist the branding and marketing of your company.

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How much does 0844 numbers cost to own?
FREE Set Up, Free Running Costs www.contactstar.co.uk

£4.99 Se Up, Running Costs Vary www.commsready.co.uk

£2.99 Per Month Running Costs www.callsure07050.co.uk

FREE Set Up, Free Running Costs www.trustedoffice.co.uk

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How much does 0844 numbers cost to call?
That it only costs the person calling the 0844 number 5p per minute.

Calling Rates

Only 5p a minute to call United Kingdom as compared to 12p a minute-(BT charges)
Only 10p a minute to call Pakistan as compared to 25p a minute-(BT charges)
Only 4p a minute to call Italy as compared to 18p a minute-(BT charges)
Only 4p a minute to call Canada as compared to 20p a minute-(BT charges)

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Benefits to businesses and sole traders
With the up coming regulatory changes about to impact upon 0870 and 0871 number ranges, many businesses are now migrating to 0844 numbers. The best thing about 0844 number is that they do not fall under review by the UK telecoms regulator and therefore your company will need not to bear the cost of re-branding as a consequence of regulator-enforced number changes. Here are some other great benefits;

0844 - Disaster Recovery

Use the built in disaster recovery to ensure that no business calls are missed if a sudden office move is required in an emergency

0844 - National Presence

Give your company a national presence for smaller companies and also for larger companies. By having one number for all your sites you can enhance your companies brand and ensure that your customers remember your number nationwide

0844 - Memorable Numbers

Ask us for a gold or platinum number or even an alphanumeric number to ensure that your number is easily remembered by your customers.

0844 - Use of IVR

By using our IVR platform with your 08 number you can ensure that you never miss another call again. Call divert options and queuing options ensure this is the case. Make sure that all your calls are answered in a uniform manner across all your sites. On hold messages can be used to ensure that the time, a customer waiting to talk to an agent, is used efficiently by giving marketing messages and updating the customer on any news regarding your company

0844 - Easy Set up and Management

NGNs are easy to set up, no new lines are required and we can set up new numbers for you the same day. Your number can stay with you wherever you go. If you are moving office you do not need to worry about changing marketing materials as your 08 number can go with you wherever you go. The control panel for your number is user friendly and is accessed through a secure log in on our website.

Other use of 0844 numbers
Because of the flexibility of an 0844 number and easy control of features such as re-direct, call barring etc 0844 numbers are ideal for personal use. 0844 numbers can be used to:

1.Post a contact phone number on your facebook or twitter profile without revealing your real number.
2.Used as a contact number when meeting new people.
3.Ideal for event managers not wishing to disclose their mobile number but cannot afford or schedule a temporary solution.
4.Used as a temporary way of receiving cheaper calls than other phone providers in the UK when diverting calls abroad. (i.e, if you have a home overseas use an 0844 number service so your friends in the UK can call you without spending too much on call charges.

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