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Franking Machines - Cheaper Mail Than Ever

Press Release: March 11, 2010

Many businesses with mailroom needs are discovering just how much todays franking machines have to offer - not only providing lower mailroom costs and quicker mail handling but genuinely adding value to outgoing mail too both in the form of envelope messaging and envelope branding options.

Considerable Savings Compared to Traditional Mailing:

The main factor in this recent growth in the UK franking business is undoubtedly price. Since April 2009, the Royal Mail has been offering impressive discounts to customers who frank their own post. While franking machines have always been a popular choice with certain companies, significantly cutting the time employees need to spend in the mailroom, the new lower rates have brought a massive influx of business, predominantly from those seeking the very cheapest option in the mailroom. According to the Royal Mail website, current savings are typically at least 3p per item on standard First Class, at least 5p on standard Second Class and even more when using other Royal Mail services, such as special delivery. For those businesses dealing with larger mail volumes, such significant savings on single items would obviously translate to considerable savings in a companys finances overall.

It used to be the case that franking was really only a viable option with larger mailing volumes. Ten, fifteen or so years ago, the initial outlay for an entry-level machine was typically in the 1000s and thus savings were only really visible on more sizeable mailroom operations. But today, even with smaller volumes of mail, for example 50 items per day, companies can typically save between £2 and £3 and with small footprint franking machines available for as little as two or three hundred pounds, it wont take long for those savings to be realised. There are now a number of document management specialists who offer franking solutions, from the type of small footprint machines described above, through to rapid high-volume automated mailroom systems. Some, Falcon Document Management being just one such specialist, also offer leasing arrangements, so the savings can be felt immediately.

Whatever your company mailing needs, if youre looking for better prices and increased branding and messaging options, franking could be the solution for you.

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