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FractionalStaff.com Prepares For Fractional Ownership Boom In Europe

Press Release: March 03, 2010

Recent months have shown that fractional property developers are increasing but their success with property agents is not producing the results originally hoped for, and so many are enquiring about the availability of dedicated sales teams something that FractionalStaff.com has concentrating on for the past 7 months.

Fractional Staff is another service from the Perspective group of companies who publish the leading shared ownership industry magazines for both the trade and consumers and so its widest reach both online and offline ensures that it will attract the most suitable candidates that are new to the industry as well as the best sales professionals from within the industry worldwide.

Introductory advertising rates start from as little as £199 per month with added value across the network of Perspective websites and titles available on selected packages.

For more information email advertising@perspectiveinternational.com or call +44 191 250 3501 (UK) or +1 407 792 2343

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