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Former World Snooker Champion To Attend The Grand Opening of Melford's Famous Old House Gallery

Press Release: July 15, 2015

Melford’s Famous Old House Gallery will be showcasing it’s grand opening on Friday 17th July with the help of world snooker champion Dennis Taylor.

The opening exhibition will be showcasing original masterpieces by world famous artists such as Edouard Leon Cortes, Antoine Blanchard, Eugene Galien Laloue and Jules Rene Herve to name a few.

The paintings will show iconic Parisian scenes such as The Notre Dame, The Moulin Rouge, The Opera and Port Saint Denis. The focus will largely be on fine quality art from the 19th and 20th century originals but with some contemporary art works.

Dennis Taylor the world famous snooker champion, who won the hearts of 18.5 million viewers in epic 1985 Snooker World Championship, will also be attending on Friday. Dennis will be helping with the raffle to raise money for The British Heart Foundation.

Colin Fletcher, a senior partner at the gallery said “The gallery building is over 500 years old and has recently been meticulously refurbished creating a ‘wow factor’ when you enter the front door. We want the art buyers to really relax and enjoy themselves in wonderfully unique surroundings”

There will be approximately 70 paintings being showcased at any one time. As well as unique art works from around the world including bronzes, glassware, sculptures and more.

Colin Fletcher went on to say “The quality of artwork offered is most likely unparalleled in Suffolk with some pieces painted by artists whose work can often be found in museums rather than on the open market.”

Art enthusiasts will be able to view the masterpieces on Thursday 16th July through to Sunday, from 10am – 8pm. The grand opening will on Friday 17th July, when Dennis Taylor will be attending from 4pm – 9pm at Hall Street, Long Melford, Suffolk, CO10 9JA.

More information can be found on the website at: www.famousgalleries.co.uk.

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