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Former Math Tutor Now Helping Big and Small Businesses Expand Customer and Sales Bases

Press Release: October 03, 2019

Tony Briggs offers world-class business development consulting and SEO services

October 2, 2019 - Tony Briggs was formerly a math tutor, but now he’s putting his passion for critical thinking and problem solving to other uses. As the CEO at EStrong Marketing, he plays a pivotal role in shaping the futures of companies of all scopes and sizes.

As a Business Development Specialist, Briggs offers strategies designed to help entrepreneurs and corporations alike put themselves on the path to success, and with completely customized brainstorming sessions and success blueprints, each client gets their own equation for reaching and exceeding their goals.

As a SEO engineer, Tony puts his analytical skills to use researching keyword phrases, search engine algorithms, and more, and then applying all of this to his clients’ needs.

While he keeps an eye on the latest techniques and strategies arising in the realms of search engine optimization, he is committed to working every day to provide the best results for each of his clients.

“The success you seek does not lie in a new technique or tool but in simple daily consistency.” This is one of Tony’s favorite quotes.
From math to marketing, his Irving SEO company is always working to inspire people to dig deep and put forth their best effort.

Tony Briggs has also curated a team of like-minded professionals who are also dedicated to igniting growth with areas of expertise including social media, graphics, and affiliate marketing. More information can be found at https://www.estrongmarketing.com.

About EStrong Marketing

EStrong Marketing offers a number of business-building services such as SEO, Google My Business, social media marketing and video marketing for businesses of all sizes.


Tony Briggs, CEO
EStrong Marketing
Phone: 469-215-7365
Email: ceo@estrongmarketing.com
Website: https://www.estrongmarketing.com

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