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Forever Love: Musical duo brings “A Love Song For The Ages” to sing to your beloved

Press Release: May 27, 2020

Forever Love: Musical duo brings “A Love Song For The Ages” to sing to your beloved




New York, USA – Praveen Koval's and Chintan Chauhan's latest song is called "Forever Love". This song has soft and acoustic feelings. This is a charming romantic song that shows lasting love. They wrote and recorded this song with singer NEDDIH, and guitarist Suresh Chotaliya. This song is about a city guy who on his way home from work encounters a stranger who was shouting what love and happiness means.


Speaking about the songwriting, Koval says “It was always my dream to write a song for my wife. I wanted to be very honest with my writing by avoiding to hide behind metaphors. The lyrics of the song is like a conversation and has a storyline to it. One day I went to New York City for work and I did see a stranger on the way shouting loud about love and happiness. On the way back to my home I was thinking about what love and happiness mean to me. When I came back home and sat on the couch, I saw my wife and words spontaneously came out. I wrote the entire song sitting on my couch and admiring my wife. The fun was to make the casual conversation sound like a romantic story in the lyrics.”


While Chauhan says he and Koval initially considered delaying the song's release due to lockdown. However, they ultimately decided to move ahead.


"We felt like with so much negativity going around us, the flavor of love is something we all are desiring for as love is a universal language. Maybe this message will bring a little smile in this stressful time. We also feel it's a timely opportunity for us to bring people together. We both believe that music has a unique ability to connect people and we love it when people can relate to our song" Chauhan said.


When we asked Koval about his wife's reaction for whom he wrote this song, he said blushingly “I played the song for my wife the other day and she got very emotional. She wasn't expecting a love song and that too about her.“


A music video was planned to be shot in New York City, however, before the scheduled shoot, the entire city was placed under lockdown. Brooklyn’s own filmmakers Ellen Kolikoff and Nat Nichols are going to direct the music video. The team is hoping maybe once everything settles down they will get back to the drawing board and plan it out.


Listening to "Forever Love" one can say it’s a piece of refreshing music: easy to hum the melody, simple words like a conversation, and an evergreen message of love.  A true romantic story. Koval's songwriting is simple and easy to relate to, and Chauhan's melody is soothing and catchy, overall this song invites listeners to take a glass of wine and hold their sweetheart's hand to show their romantic side. Take a listenHERE.



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