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For women: Outlook matters the most

Press Release: November 16, 2019

PNKSWN’s preliminary goal is to inspire the women by providing them value-added clothingservices which meet their desires. We are providing trendy and stylish patterned swimwear, beachwear and bikinis to women by helping them to feel great in the moments that matter most.

16-Nov-19,Women adore wearing swimwear and beachwear when they are out at the beach or lazing poolside. However, shopping for the perfect swim piece can get stressful when you realise there are so many styles to choose from. Therefore, in order to fulfil the aspirations of women, we are empowering them by providing the best grade clothing services,especially for the beach.
Swimwear, beachwear’s & bikinis and their significance
Swimsuit buyers often overlook the importance of getting sufficient bust support. If the woman is having a bigger bust size then make sure while buying that it must support well. Most probably women are looking for something that features adjustability and thicker straps. For the sake of fulfilling the expectations of the women, we are providing variant coloured swimwear’s at www.pnkswn.com. We personally believe that “buying colour that don’t complement woman’s colour tone brings huge disappointment”. For evicting the disappointment factor, we are providing versatile coloured swimwear’s. likewise, women are looking for lined swimsuits as well as long-lasting breathable stretch fabrics. Most of the women purchase swimwear’s, bikinis and beachwear by paying attention to the cuts of a swimsuit. Certain cuts of swimwear are designed to highlight the attributes of your body. For instance, high cut bikini bottoms are perfect for those who are a little short, as it can make their legs appear elongated.
Swimsuit fabric and its types
It is a well-concise and clear fact that shopping a swimwear is so far easy task as compared to manufacturing it. For women design, outlook and fabric of the swimwear matters a lot. Most of the women are looking for swimsuits which are made up of high grade a conformable fabric. The prime fabric ingredients of the swimwear’s are consisting of 82% of nylon, 18% of spandex. Stretch of the swimwear should reach more then 1005 of tensile strength while the suction force of the swimwear fabric should be as small as possible. The swimwear fabric should dry up within few minutes once getting out from the water. PNKSWN’s are providing professional swimwear’s which are stretchable, sweat-resistant, sea water-resistant, and UR- resistant. The swimsuit fabric material is categorised into four major types namely spandex, lycra, nylon and polyester. The main advantages of such type of fabric are- available in bright colours, comfortable to wear, easy to wash and dry quickly.
It has culminated that in the modern world women need to look proactive and beguiling at the beach and shore. This is the main reason swimsuits swimwear has turned into the most recent pattern. The main motive of the PNKSWN is to fulfil and accomplish the needs of the women by providing best grade of swimsuits which includes trendy and stylish patterned swimwear’s, beachwear, bikinis.Ready to buy your ideal swimwear? Browse some of the best available collection of one -piece, beachwear, swimwear and bikinis at www.pknswn.com

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