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For a Heart that Beats Joyously; Tweak your Lifestyle!

Press Release: January 16, 2019

Now don’t blame your heart for breaking (literally). Blame yourself as you haven’t been cautious enough. Maybe your heart still hasn’t broken but it may if you are not moving on the right track. It is highly essential to find, if or not you are leading a proper life that’s heart-friendly.
The kind of life majority of people lead, especially in this decade, is undoubtedly prone to various unhealthy lifestyle. This impacts the body variously and the heart is what we will be talking about.
According to reports of the world health organization, as much as 17.9 million people have lost their lives to heart-related diseases, accounting to 31% of the global deaths. This calls for awareness as this is alarming. Traditionally, unhealthy eating has been mostly blamed for heart complications but studies say otherwise. Not only eating but lifestyle plays a significant role in the same. Read on to find how to take charge on your heart’s health.
For your sake, quit smoking.
We know you’ve heard enough of the infamous ‘quit smoking’ phrase, and we too are repeating the same. It is often the case with a majority of people that they either overlook or does not believe that smoking is magnanimously detrimental to their health. Keeping aside other major health issues that come with smoking, if we focus on the heart, it calls for an immediate stop to smoking. For example, Coronary heart diseases (CHD) are associated with smoking. This can further drag to heart attacks, heart failure, arrhythmias, and even death. So, no to tobacco in any form.
A chubby you mean a haggard heart.

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Obesity causes heart disease. And to some extent, your lifestyle is to be blamed for making you chubby. No, it’s not cute. A little fat is okay as long as it does not extend beyond limits. An improper lifestyle like lack of physical movement, distorted sleep cycle, especially improper diet among others contributes to obesity. This translates to more weight, more blood pressure and consequently more heart-related complications. Eat more fruits and veggies and less meat and saturated fat.
Check on stress.
If you get stressed often, or that your lifestyle is prone to making you stressed (work pressure and the like), then you ought to maintain that. Stress can lead to hypertension, cholesterol and therefore heart diseases if uncontrolled (which is often the case).
Stay physically active.
Think this part creatively. You should stay physically active, and that’s not all exercise. You guessed it right! Researchers are to the opinion that playing between the sheets more often not only increases the happiness quotient of your life but also is heart-friendly. However, don’t underestimate the exercise part. That’s equally healthy and important.
Engage in little things that make you happy.
Apart from quitting tobacco, checking your diet and obesity, halt the stress and stay physically more active. Do become happy! Now, we can’t suggest what makes you happy but can surely say that engaging in pieces of stuff that makes you happy is good for your heart (the metaphorical heart too). Go to a movie with your besties, a date with your bf, long chitchat with your mom, play a session with your siblings or whatever that give you genuine happiness. Studies have proved happiness has good direct effects on heart health.
Now you know a few heart-healthy lifestyle changes. Considering the fact it’s easier to become sick than stay healthy in today’s date, it calls for a more firm take on these matters.

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