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For a better tomorrow, Renewable Energy

Press Release: October 15, 2017

"Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs." — Gro Harlem Brundtland
With the growing economy demand for energy, renewable energy sources has gained great momentum. With new ambitious targets set for 2030, the demand for clean energy has grown considerably. Electricity has become an indispensable prerequisite for enhancing economic growth & improving quality of human life. While, more and more developing countries are embracing energy growth through renewable sources, Africa has not yet tapped all of its sources to produce adequate power. Some of Africa’s region, such as Kenya has tapped its resources and has been leading the country in Geo-thermal energy. By 2015, its capacity had reached to 740 MW.
Kenya’s government has plans to launch an approximate of $150 bn project to bring solar energy to areas without access to the electricity network. Africa being the hub of natural sources of energy has started utilising its natural resources to generate renewable power without any harm to the environment. Africa now has the opportunity to transition to a clean future, bypassing some of the environmentally destructive practices that have accompanied industrial development in the past decades for sourcing electricity in the region.
According to Martin Hullin from REN21: “The future of renewable energy is fundamentally a choice. All of the resources and technologies are there, but legislators and governments have to choose a renewables path.”
Africa may become a global energy leader imminently.
To discuss the renewable energy sector of the African region, Bricsa Consulting is bring to you its 2nd Annual Power Tech Africa conference on the 22nd – 23rd January, 2018 at Villa Rosa Kempinski in Nairobi, Kenya. This conference will bring together all the energy sector leaders under one roof.
The conference would be discussing the different sources of Renewable Energy available in the Sub-Saharan Region and how it can be utilized at a low cost. will be discussing topics such as: Grid strength – in many Sub-Saharan African countries grid upgrades are still required to provide robust electricity backbone to their economies as well as Bankability of power purchase agreements – sovereign backing of PPA’s still remains an issue, Politics – investors need political and policy certainty, wariness of investing in unstable economies, or those wracked by war, unrest and corruption; while in some markets sticking to execution timeframes appears to be an additional risk.
Other topics that will be highlighted at this conference are: Maintenance of Stakeholder Relations by using the Big Data Analysis and its effect in maintaining a balanced sustainable community. Decentralization of Power Generation system in Rural Areas and the challenges faced by decentralizing the power generating system. A discussion on the mechanisms of Hybrid Energy System will also be a vast part of this conference.
New FDI (Foreign direct investment) policies in the Power Sector and its effectiveness in creating policy for supply of imported raw materials required in production & transmission, along with the current FDI framework for the gas market in Eastern Africa, will also be a crucial topic of discussion. Harnessing and providing renewable energy to the continent, including key partnerships and modelling behaviour from leaders will be the topic of in-depth discussion at this conference.
Thus, 2nd Annual Power Tech Africa will bring together key players from the renewable energy sector on a single platform, where they can confer on the importance of Energy sector in the Sub-Saharan African region.

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