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Food for the tummy! Food for thought! On-site Dining vs Home Delivery Service

Press Release: November 06, 2018

One of the most driving factors of life is Hunger. Whether it is the hunger for fame or food, it drives us. The hunger for fame drives us to places, but when the hunger for food strikes our poor little tummy, it's time to unlock our mobile phones and drive our fingers through the globalized à la carte. After all, food is life, Period!
So when we talk about not cooking at home but choosing from these grand cuisine menus that offer an opportunity to explore the art of food aggregated from around the world, what must you prefer, the home delivery service or on-site dining? That's what we are going to discuss in our blog.

First Thing First, What is on-site dining? When you take the deals from the internet portals like OMGCityDiscount and redeem them at the restaurants, it offers you a hassle-free dining out experience. Where Home delivery of food offers you food on your doorsteps. So...
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What are the advantages of on-site dining in comparison to home delivery of food?
The Quality: Food for home delivery is often prepared in a fast-paced environment, that's why it is not as healthy and lip-smacking as the food cooked for instant consumption in a restaurant.
The Time: Food ordered for home delivery takes at least 45-80 minutes to reach you, which means the aroma and the fresh taste of food are never going to be as great over time.
The Ambience: Where on-site dining provides you with a relaxing environment to eat, have a heartful conversation (or judge people, #justsaying) and laugh, food home delivery makes you wait, gnaw and judge your food.
The Entertainment: Where restaurants like Baraco offer live music concerts to make your dining out experience even more beautiful, food home delivery offers you nothing but wait, boredom and often the disappointment.
The Deals: Restaurants like Spirit Of Soul and Baraco offer 15- 30% discount on total bill at dinner and buy 1 get 1 free & 15% off on total bill at dinner everytime you visit them, the food home delivery portals often offer services like these at the beginning to build the clientele but not after 1 or 2 orders.
The Environment: Where on-site dining is environment-friendly, food for home delivery is packed in plastic which is neither healthy for you nor for the environment. Consequently, it adds to the indisposable waste.

The advantages of on-site dining are not limited to the comparison to its home delivery counterparts. When one can take subscriptions worth 499/- to reap its benefit throughout the year with the best quality food in a fancy restaurant, there is no point in going for home delivery food portals that offer the discounts only on one or two first meals just to keep you in the loop.

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