Home Following the success of six Kickstarter campaigns, Orangered Life has launched 30°Ruler 4.0

Following the success of six Kickstarter campaigns, Orangered Life has launched 30°Ruler 4.0

Press Release: September 11, 2020

Building upon their three-time practices on 30°Ruler, Orangered Life Team has returned once again to Kickstarter to launch their next-generation that aptly named 30°Ruler 4.0. Now the latest 30°Ruler is back with limited-time super early bird pledges.


30°Ruler 4.0 is addressing many of the issues with traditional rulers, it sets at a 30° slope on the ruler's face. It's a simple, yet incredibly effective, update and it makes the 30° Ruler much easier to use. It’s easy to see the measurements from a glance without having to lean over.  It easily grabs it without having to drag it towards the edge of the table. 


Apart from its signature sloped design,30°Ruler 4.0 has millimeters and centimeters on one side, inches on the reverse. Inch and centimeters are labeled in the same direction allowing for easy conversions. Both the millimeters and centimeters are numbered and the hash marks rise and fall making it easy to identify specific millimeter measurements. It designed to eliminate the confusion and strain of reading the typical ruler.


Like its predecessors, 30° Ruler 4.0 is made with the same high-quality Aerospace-grade aluminum while the measurements are laser targeted as the original. The superb material is well known for its extremely high durability and exceptionally lightweight. 


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