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Fluency in Technology - helping develop Digital Learners

Press Release: March 27, 2019

The fluency matters in academics!
How much fluent your students are? How much time are they giving to improve their fluency per Day!
Many of the universities and colleges have devoted screen time and also many teachers have declared to devote hours for reading and speaking fluency. As in middle school and elementary schools, students read aloud and write accordingly to improve their writing and language fluency. Yet, from the primary level to the middle level, a time frame is allocated to each student to read in a variation of formats to improve their reading skills and also improve their language fluency.
We are at defense and would only like to focus on the attention, students are given in the development of technology fluency.
The fluency
What actually is the concept of fluency! The concept must do not move along with the accuracy, speed and the use of comprehensions. Students who are in a habit of reading are providing the demonstrating at an appropriate pace and the speed between pronunciations and decoding the content. Similarly, the techno-smart students use the apps with fluency and navigate with the native apps in their smartphones.
Now, not actually, all the students are fluent in speaking, writing or reading, but they can easily construct the meaning that changes the ability to manipulate the language and transform the information of various makes a different platform through Ali Baba. Many of the students are changing the available media and platforms through different views.
As schools across the country are writing about their knowledge on how to write code. In HTML, the transcription and the code initiative was lead to be from the code initiative program. Well, I am not a big fan of code initiative, however, I do understand the process of development and the troubleshoot (if any occurred). The mentee might be good in computer studies but might not be good at networking. So, how could we help students develop their fluency in the language and constructing of new objectives and become true digital learners?
Strategies to make student fluent to technology
Flipping the lessons
When the teacher asks their class to acquire content management or knowledge via audio, text or a video, the students need to take ownership in this learning process. But, what I realized during my class in the computer lab that students were not adopting to think on their own rather were just waiting for my next instructions, however, the skill to make a video was very easy for the students, but the thinking process was different. This changed the scenario and the students were just relying on my set of instructions. This provided me a chance to provide some additional support to the students while others were waiting to learn how to learn the art of technology.
The challenges
The method of teaching my class would be that for a multi-step work, I provide the whole class with some basic instructions that were part and asked the students to work through and complete the lesson plan and the worksheet. By providing some steps to the students, they are able to learn the specifications of the challenge i.e. learn to read and follow through. Search for the tutorials and access help for moving towards fluency.
Students Learner - the Leaders
If you are taking a technology class and a student comes to your place with a new idea or a solution, empower the student to share. I remember, once I just sat on the last bench and two of my grade 7 students provided the class with the mathematics formula to complete their grade book page. This provided a new spirit in the rest of the class and the intrinsic leadership reward was diversified and the participatory culture was developed in the class.
Suppose that the digital citizenship context is promoted, how would you react to that?
Future learning
Technology, apps, and programs…. These are all the tools for communication and creating a collaborating network through which students can be prepared by all the teachers form the job that might not exist in their subject, but for the overall school, the role is important. Think as if the British assignment help online would do the best to communicate your ideas with the whole world.

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