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Flowster Helps Amazon Sellers Run Their Businesses More Efficiently

Press Release: August 11, 2019

Flowster makes creating SOPs quick and easy. Their SOP marketplace is heaven for Amazon sellers who are looking for proven processes to help scale their business.

In today’s business world, companies that don’t have a proper method to run their operations efficiently won’t be able to survive. This applies to all industries, especially e-commerce. By using standard operating procedures (SOPs), you’ll be able to optimize and scale your business. Introducing Flowster ... a new SOP app that makes creating and managing standard operating procedures a breeze.

Flowster is ideal for every aspect of digital marketing and eCommerce, but also provides benefits for every other industry. Many Flowster members are Amazon sellers, because they’ve teamed up with a company that provides an extensive SOP system (75+ templates) for optimizing every aspect of an Amazon wholesale business. Flowster has been featured on many podcasts that talk about selling on amazon tips.

If you don’t have the time or motivation to create your own SOP templates, Flowster has a Marketplace where members can browse, find and buy ready-to-use templates for their business. These templates cover everything from social media strategies, to SEO, to podcasting, how to increase Amazon sales, and even email marketing.

Flowster’s standard operating procedure system offers three main benefits:
Optimization – by using SOPs, you ensure that every business process is executed exactly the same way, every time, no matter which person is doing the work.
Accountability – there’s transparency into everything that your employees work on. You can see exactly how long various tasks took to be completed, who performed the work, and even be automatically notified when it’s done.
Teamwork – team members can easily assign each other tasks, give due dates, upload files, and add comments to the work they’ve done. This keeps everyone informed and your business running at optimal efficiency.

About Flowster
Flowster is one of best tools for improving your Amazon advertising strategy as well as other e-commerce and digital marketing techniques. With their intuitive drag-and-drop Template Editor for creating SOPs, a one-of-a-kind SOP Marketplace, and a community for sharing information, Flowster is changing how eCommerce businesses operate and grow.

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