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Florida’s first openly autistic paralegal founds nonprofit to help peers

Press Release: August 17, 2020

Florida’s first openly autistic litigation paralegal founds 501(c)(3) to support fellow autists.

Apt Fitness, Inc., is a Florida not for profit corporation, recognized by IRS as a 501(c)(3) public charity. We offer need based exercise and beauty solutions to disadvantaged individuals affected by autism spectrum disorders, ADHD, depression, anxiety, and other cognitive and neurological conditions. As a certified personal trainer and high functioning autist, our founder demonstrates how exercise can help in lieu of pharmaceutical interventions. Affected individuals include those who are diagnosed, loved ones, and caregivers. Sessions integrate all to improve family relations and create positive bonding experiences. Service fees are based on HUD income guidelines to cover operating expenses, and services are provided at homes, parks, offices, online, and via video conferencing. All of our trainers are volunteers that are not compensated for their time.
Our mission includes: providing a safe place for autists to embrace their diagnosis; shatter media stereotypes and popular misconceptions; elevate self esteem and efficacy to improve quality of life; and offer a network of mental health, legal, and other specialists to assist with varying obstacles faced by autists such as employment discrimination and harassment.
According to CDC statistics, one in 88 people are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders. This statistic does not include those who are ashamed of diagnosis. Central Florida companies are notorious for blatant discrimination against over qualified and fully competent autists. This area is unaccepting of autists. The Apt Fitness program can reach this individuals and provide much needed support and resources.


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