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Floatbot launches conversational AI chatbot and voicebot app, powered by Finastra’s FusionFabric.cloud

Press Release: November 05, 2020

Finbot app delivers Seamless Conversational Banking Experience for Corporate Banking Users.

Bengaluru 5th November 2020: Floatbot, a SaaS-based conversational AI platform, today announced that its Finbot application is available for purchase through Finastra’s FusionStore. The conversational AI chatbot and voicebot application will enable corporate banking users to benefit from features like Accounts and Balance, Account Statement, Exchange Rate, List high value transactions, details of transaction for Cash and Trade, List Trade Transactions of Letter of Credit, Audit trail of users involved in transaction.

Going live on FusionStore marks the final stage of the app development journey for firms using Finastra’s open development cloud platform, FusionFabric.cloud. The FusionStore marketplace enables Finastra’s more than 8,500 banking customers worldwide to access, test, purchase and deploy certified apps on top of their core systems, helping them quickly realize the benefits and deliver added value to their customers.

Following the arrival of Floatbot’s Finbot App on FusionStore, XX, General Manager of Platform at Finastra, said, “A new app hitting the FusionStore is a significant moment for us and our partners. It marks the point at which an innovative idea becomes a reality that can be beneficial to banks and financial institutions worldwide. Financial institutions – our customers – are seeking out new innovation from fintechs like Floatbot, and they want to consume this innovation quickly and simply through FusionStore. We welcome Floatbot to the FusionFabric.cloud platform family as we continue building the next wave of financial services solutions in collaboration with our partners.”

Built on tried and trusted Finastra core technologies and harnessing an extensive catalog of open APIs, Floatbot has developed an aapp that has Pre-built dialogues, pre-trained AI knowledgebase, and pre-certified integration with Finastra’s corporate banking platform, Fusion Corporate Channel. It connects to Finastra’s [XX SOLUTION] to [XX].


Using Finastra’s open APIs, developers can create solutions that address business challenges across the financial services spectrum, including retail banking, payments, transaction banking, corporate banking, lending, treasury and capital markets. Visit FusionStore for more information: https://store.fusionfabric.cloud/

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