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FlexiDry Floor Screeds being installed at Bethnal Green Technology College

Press Release: March 08, 2010

FlexiDry F3, 21 day dry time formulation, is being laid on an underfloor heating system meeting the project timelines of main contractor Bouygues UK. The £17 million part new build, part refurbishment programme is well underway for the schools 900 students with the project due for completion by the end of 2010. Bouygues UK has been selected as the private sector partner to deliver Tower Hamlets £230m BSF programme - the biggest ever school improvement programme in the borough.

The design objective for the redevelopment of Bethnal Green Technology College is to create a unified school building with an identity which both the pupils and community can be proud of. Prior to development, the school occupied most of the available development site. The new development will create a central space at the heart of the school linking all existing buildings and resolves circulation issues for the new school environment.

The retained buildings maintain an historical link for the school providing an identifiable entrance for both the pupils and the community. The space has been used within the original Victorian building to maximise the transformational learning models envisaged by the school.

The design for the College allows the construction team to deliver substantial parts of the new school early on in the project, enabling new curriculum ambitions to be met early in the BSF programme.

Underfloor heating utilising medium temperature piped hot water has been demonstrated to be one of the most efficient methods of space heating for schools, homes and a wide range of commercial buildings. Screeds provide the best thermal conductivity and FlexiDry being of a more dense consistency, provides a better thermal reaction to temperature change making it perfect for Underfloor Heating applications. As the entire floor radiates heat, room temperatures can be reduced by 1-2 C in comparison to other heating systems whilst still maintaining an appropriate level of comfort. Each 1C reduction in room temperature equates to a 6% reduction in fuel consumption, lowering carbon emissions substantially.


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FlexiDry is a low concentrated liquid additive that is simply added to a cementitious screed mix on site. Depending on the concentration added, FlexiDry transforms screed drying times with a choice of 7, 14 or 21 days.

In addition to reduced drying times, FlexiDry benefits include the ability to accept foot traffic after 12 hours of laying; improved compressive strength; and a reduced carbon footprint. Due to its high density and easy compaction FlexiDry is the perfect partner for underfloor heating systems.

FlexiDry Global Limited offers an end-to-end logistical and technical support service for the supply and distribution of a range of market leading screed products and services across the UK and Ireland.

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