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Fkglizzy the 16 year old doing big things

Press Release: July 28, 2020

 Ekene Obanye (also known as Fkglizzy) caught the eyes of the Vancouver rap scene with his unique flow and lyrics. Fkglizzy First started rapping in 2018 with his debut song dropping “Money Man” while only 14 at the time he came into the city with a different and fire vibe while also ready to take over. Fkglizzy first made a huge impact in 2019 with his song Ballin currently sitting at 172k+ views on soundcloud.Listen to Ballin here: Here Fkglizzy wrote and recorded the song Ballin all by himself and his phone. one day he was just searching for beats and he stumbles upon the beat that was made by nanzoo he really liked it and vibed with the beat a lot, after that he puts the beat in a recording software program named "Audacity" and it all kicks off from there. 

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