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Five Brilliant Ways To Advertise Design Firms.

Press Release: April 17, 2020

It’s 2020, a new year, a new decade. The new decade will see substantial changes especially when it comes to Brand Marketing Strategies. Here are 10 early market predictions based on top trends and expectations that were trending in the later part of 2019.

Podcasts will take over blog posts

A large number of companies can already be seen investing heavily in podcasts as they are bringing fantastic returns. We expect this trend to grow massively in 2020. It wouldn’t come as a surprise if companies treat podcasts as their primary investment in Content Marketing. Podcasts have certain advantages when compared to blog posts. They are as follows -

-Podcasts can be produced faster than blog posts

-Podcasts are easy to process into different media formats

-Podcasts are very scalable

-The podcast market isn’t oversaturated (yet)

Top brands to cut their advertising spend

We believe that digital advertising for brand building is not effective despite spending millions of dollars in the process. Some of the top brands have already realised that and have cut down their budget. Don’t be surprised if the majority of the top brands cutshort their marketing budgets. Companies would rather invest in influencer marketing, below the line advertising and most importantly creative content.

The costs of direct-response advertising will go up 

Today, the digital advertising platforms are dominated by Facebook and Google as they are controlling almost all the go to platforms for media consumption and content discovery. Both Facebook and Google have worked smartly and taking over the marketing funnel which makes sure that the only way to reach your audiences on their platforms is by advertising.

If you look at Facebook’s and Google’s business model through a simple economic lens, you can notice an inverse relation between demand and supply. When supply goes down and demand goes up, prices increase. This will come as an unpleasant shock for the companies who have built their strategies around optimizing ad spend on Google and Facebook.

We’ll see a rise of the digitally native CMO

The CMO’s (Chief Marketing Officers) at some of the major brands around the world got their starts with traditional offline advertising and marketing but, these strategies won’t make the cut in 2020. The CMO’s have to understand the success of their brand depends on Search Engine Optimization and creative storytelling than the allocation of media spend. We predict that the major brands will soon replace their CMOs and hire new CMOs who have started out in the digital world as they are the ones who understand how things work in this digital era.

New Social Media Channels will emerge 

Facebook and Google’s new policy forces the marketers to run paid ads in order to reach their audience. As a consequence, the majority of the brands will take a stand against these two giants and will look for new acquisition channels. This may be hard to come by, but could see new social media channels emerging.

The influencer marketing bubble is going to burst 

Not every brand can hire Kardashians or Jenners when it comes to influencer marketing as the cost of the collaboration is way too high. Apart from the clothing and make-up industries, there’s no concrete evidence that customers buy products because internet celebs share it on their instagram. The prices of collabs can’t keep on rising. The budgets are eventually going to go elsewhere. No doubt that the brands will continue to engage with influencers but the engagement will be tilted more towards content collaborations than simple paid promotions.

IGTV will receive early retirement 

As opposed to Instagram Stories, IGTV didn’t enjoy much success ever since it came into existence. IGTV isn’t snackable enough and has failed to find its place alongside YouTube for longer form content consumption. We can predict that Facebook will take down Instagram TV and reconsider their long form video offering.

Facebook Messenger will grow as an advertising platform

Messenger ads have been there for quite some time now but they haven’t performed as per expectations. With more and more conversations about brands and products happening on messaging platforms like Messenger and What’sApp controlled by Facebook, it won’t be long before a more sophisticated advertising offering is added to these platforms. This offering will provide businesses a better way of being at the right place at the right time. We can expect to see this new offering emerge in 2020.

A rise in the number of niche subscription media products

2019 was a great year for niche marketing. With a number of services offering a way for the consumers to donate small amounts to get content from their favorite journalists, content creators and reporters. Money is flooding back into the media industry in a very fragmented way. With publishers narrowing that focus to very specific subcultures and communities, providing regularly creative and commentary to appeal to small audiences, we can predict that this trend will take off in 2020 right from where it left in 2019.

Email marketing will see a resurgence

The most simple yet effective feature of emails is if you have someone’s email address, you can directly send things to them absolutely free of cost. This fact is a safeguard against all fluctuations in search and social media, which we think will start to hold even more value in an increasingly turbulent marketing environment. The challenge that lies before companies is to diligently treat email marketing as a brand channel as much as an acquisition channel. Thinking of email as a way only to nurture and convert customers will mean you lose out on its full potential as a means of communicating with non-customer advocates who are an essential part of word-of-mouth distribution.

What do you think of these predictions? Anything you’d like to disagree upon or think we missed out on any other factors? Let us know.

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