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Fitness Trainer in Wilmslow Reveals Reasons Why People Opt To Do Personal Training

Press Release: October 03, 2019

Central Wilmslow, Cheshire, England- Following the statistics released by IbisWorld, the number of fitness trainers in the UK is 57,000 and has been continuously growing at a rate of 2.3% from 2014 up to present year. Rufus Bradshaw, Master Trainer, and owner of Alchemy Personal Training says that part of the reason as such is the increase in the number of people committing to a healthier and cleaner lifestyle over the past years.

Thus, more people have been looking for a personalized program to shed some pounds, get in shape, stay motivated, and be held accountable for their workouts.

“The recurring theme is definitely changing body shape. This is often accompanied by weight loss and a commitment to a healthy, cleaner lifestyle. Other reasons include getting ready for a special event or holiday, or just wanting to ring the changes and to have more energy and zest for life generally.” explains Bradshaw

According to Statista, the fitness industry faces a positive future as the market size steadily increases, which is forecasted to grow from 600 million GBP in 2015 to 670 million in 2020.

Bradshaw mentions that unlike before wherein getting a personal trainer is attributed to the affluent or celebrities, a growing number of fitness trainers have made the otherwise a scarce and exclusive industry accessible to the common person.

“Our clients would say their health and well being is a top priority, some would see it as an insurance policy, guarding against illness and helping them stay well to enjoy and succeed in their busy lives. We have different Personal Training packages available at a range of price points.”

Bradshaw explains that more than celebrities and well-to-do clients, a surprisingly wide range of people come to him from for personal training. This includes businessmen and women, new mums, athletes, brides, and grooms-to-be, or simply anyone who wants to have more energy and zest for life generally.

If you are interested in seeing for yourself how personal training works, Alchemy Personal Training in Manchester, Alderley Edge, and Wilmslow are currently offering any new client a free one-on-one session.

“We’re so confident in what we do, we are currently offering a free session for you to try us out, and if we haven’t convinced you in that time, then you’ve lost nothing at all,” Bradshaw concluded.

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