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First Annual Sirach Health & Wellness Health Summit 2021

Press Release: January 19, 2021

Perfect Peace be upon America and All Countries near and abroad, May the Heavenly Father keep you ALL. We are a tribal people of the Nation of YHWH-Tribe of YHDH™️, although this isn’t a tribal event as it is open to all people we want to honor all spirits of life that shall be present with us this Day. We are in a State of Emergency for the entire World. In these crucial times we all face during the pandemic it’s more important than ever to love another as yourself there are millions of People who cannot afford proper healthcare every Human being should have access to adequate  healthcare regardless of social status. Is it not a time and season to spread love and less of a time to fuel hatred ? Our Tribal family started Sirach Health & Wellness to begin healing each person in need across the world. And as such we have organized a global event to address Total Wellness and to inform you the People on how to “Restore the Body to Serve Everybody” 

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