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FireVerse Finds The New Melenium Serial Again

Press Release: November 23, 2020

Dancehall Superstar Fabian Wayne Edwards popularly know by his stage name FireVerse or Classicboss , He is Jamaican musician , singer songwriter and record producer, the "Near The Moon" star has being working these last few months in the studio.

Base on a recent interview we had with the superstar, he mentioned his new upcoming single with Timilly's Record.
the artist also announced his upcoming Album and Ep's that
should release early next month, early early December said "FireVerse"

The deejay has explain that , he's creating a totally whole new craft , a totally whole new flavour, something more smooth , something more different from the crowd, something chopping but still easy going.

FireVerse explains the true story behind the vibration of his music ,
the artiste catchy rhymes and melody makes the superstar afro fusion more of a authentic naturalistic music flow.

with the superstar original styles,
FireVerse original Jamaican slangs , such as WrldClassic or Killy it or killy it with style become a main focus of his career the artist explain that in some point of a musician or a recording producer session, in some point there's a small amount off background vocals to help keep polishing the final production.

So basically if you don't spend enough time on your craft, or spend enough time on what you do best, eventually the same effort you put in is the same effort you received and that's the truth, FireVerse explain why enough young artist can't get sign to a record label.

Based on the fact that most young upcoming musician can write a very good song, the problem they all face is delivering a song,
as a recording artist I believe that musicians should always spend time practice and rehearse there song before recording the song in a session, practice and sing the song with more feelings and emotion, if it's a point where u have to listen how a next artist delivers his song, take the time out and listen cleanly with your ears if it's a song you want to deliver properly.

The deejay explain to us that, team work is what makes the dream work. "FireVerse" said , without a team , it makes no sense, because one man can't make everything possible, at least one or more person should be in your circle, one person ears is no reference for music.

As the superstar stands from the crowd with his unique vocal sauce, FireVerse presents to the table a clarity sound that is outrageous , base on the sounds FireVerse achieve it's more of an afro fusion mixed with dancehall and a bit of reggaeton vibes.

FireVerse said he's making a mixed fusion to these 3 selected genre , the superstar said, most of his inspiration he gained from top producers such as Major Lazer , Dj Snake , Washly Fire and dancehall producers such as Di Genius.

The superstar said a instrumental with vocal chops is always a solid instrumental it's like a totally different feeling than when you would create a instrument with melodies , a beat can be with and without vocal chops but to me personally I definitely love the idea of vocal chops and I directly give credit to Major Lazer & Dj Snake for there creative idea.





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